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  1. SotaAquatics

    Help with Purigen please.

    Purigen traps really small organic compounds but can gunk up quickly if you don't have any mechanical filtration before it. Sounds like you have it set up just right with the sponge and filter floss before it. I wouldn't change anything.
  2. SotaAquatics

    Thoughts on fluval CO2 system?

    Its a fair point, but you will need more than a week or two of CO2 to really see what it can do for you. Last time I tested one of these on a smaller tank, I used a drop checker and ceramic diffuser. I had to use way over 1 BPS and still unable to reach 30 ppm CO2. I think the CO2 canister...
  3. SotaAquatics

    Thoughts on fluval CO2 system?

    I found them to not be worth it, even on a 10 gallon. They only last a couple days, maybe a week at best if you hit 30 ppm CO2 with a ceramic diffuser and the kit. Perhaps would last two-three weeks if you went through the trouble of making a reactor for it. For the cost of this kit over...
  4. SotaAquatics

    75 watt eheim heater

    A 75 watt has the capability to heat a 20 gallon by up to about 18 degrees above room temperature. Should easily handle what you need with a lid on the tank. Eheims are typically longer than the average heater and sometimes require calibration.
  5. SotaAquatics

    Java moss or hair algae?

    I get this algae too, grows on some of my sponge filters which I do like. If you decide to keep it, just make sure to clean it a bit when you vac, mine seems to trap a lot of debris in it.
  6. SotaAquatics

    Java moss or hair algae?

    Hi, did you try sharing a picture with your post? I do not see it.
  7. SotaAquatics

    Aquarium safe barrier between rock wall and glass

    Depending on how heavy your rockwall is, if you want to use something as structure behind the rock wall to help attach it and keep it sturdy then use egg crate light diffuser - silicone it to the back glass, can easily be scraped off later with a razorblade if you want to repurpose the tank...
  8. SotaAquatics

    I let this go on too long...

    Otos aren't going to clear that out, even after a trim and pulling out what you can. physical removal and doing like what you are with adjusting the lights and treating the cause will be only way to clear that out and keep it out.
  9. SotaAquatics

    Is there a US source for this light?

    Awesome! glad you found some that look like they will work with the wire brackets! Let us know how they hold up, I prefer risers as well for my lights and right now have too much random duct tape and wires hanging all over to hold lights up above tanks! Would be nice to have a cleaner look and...
  10. SotaAquatics

    Is there a US source for this light?

    You can get risers for Finnex and Fluval lights on Etsy. They are generally good quality. If you use a less popular brand or one with those wire brackets, probably better off investing into an actual hanger that either attaches to back of tank, wall, or sits behind the tank. Might be able to...
  11. SotaAquatics

    What type of shrimp is this?

    Richard & Clark (Zootaxa 1995:1--75, 2009) I am trying to find a full copy of this, but it covers shrimp in South Africa. Too many individual species of caridina around the world. Would probably need an expert in that local for a precise identification.
  12. SotaAquatics

    Tips for becoming a professional aquascaper

    Big cities tend to have businesses already working on this - saltwater is probably still quite a bit more popular these days from a business standpoint. Look to see if you could get hired on for that experience first. Once you have a good idea of what's going on you can look at the market to...
  13. SotaAquatics

    What filter is good?

    ACs can last forever. I am using Tidals right now, I love the self priming.
  14. SotaAquatics

    Silicone bubbles, is it safe?

    Yeah, that looks fine, just some smallish air bubbles in the seal. How large of a tank is it?
  15. SotaAquatics

    How many male guppies in a 20 gallon?

    This. This is how my 40 gallon male guppy holding tank for breeders is. I couldn't begin to tell you how many are in there but at least 100+. It works, the fish are healthy, water parameters are easy to manage with just a weekly water change, I have a lot of plants to help create divisions...
  16. SotaAquatics

    20 Gallon Tank My New 20g Fiddler Crab Set-Up

    Looks awesome! I don't know anything about fiddler crabs as far as land requirements. Only input I have - Do you have some reinforcement in your slope to stop it from eroding down?
  17. SotaAquatics

    The best dwarf shrimp food

    I make my own veggie sticks and 'shrimp jello' that the shrimp go crazy for. As far as growing the colony though, I don't think you can beat Bacter AE at this time. If I slack on adding this for a week or two, I really notice a drop in how many shrimplets I see. Soon as I get back on a good...
  18. SotaAquatics

    How to get into the fish industry with 25k?

    As the OP was ambiguous with "fish industry", I am going to go out on a limb here. You could set up a really nice aquaponics system with this. Tilapia and fresh veggies. you would want to reach out to your local markets first before diving in, find some restaurants that would partner up to...
  19. SotaAquatics

    Picture frame glass tank build

    Picture frame glass is generally 0.078 to 0.098 inches thick. An average 10 gallon is 0.125 inches. Height of the tank is what impacts glass thickness requirements. I would keep the tank very short if you want to give it a serious go, maybe 6 inches tall. I don't see why that wouldn't hold...
  20. SotaAquatics

    DIY 3D background questions

    Oh yeah, I didn't think about using a canister filter for that at all. I see no reason why that wouldn't work for a waterfall then, that's a great solution. I love canister filters, they really aren't that bad to clean and you can really customize what's inside them to your liking. They are...
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