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    Osmacote plus

    I've used Oscomote Plus with my Cherry Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, Red Crystal Shrimp, Black Crystal Shrimp, Orange Shrimp, Ramshorn and Nerite Snails without any adverse affects. No need to worry!
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    DIY CO2 no aquarium bubbles

    I prefer using pressurized over DIY. The initial start up cost for pressurized is expensive, yes, but in the long run it's cheaper/easier than using DIY C02. With DIY you have to constantly change out the yeast mix (about every week or two), but with pressurized you don't have to change the...
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    So I just got a used 10gal from a friend, now what? How to I prep this thing?

    You can use a 10% chlorine bleach solution to scrub everything down with and use a razor to get an extra stuff off. If you are to use a bleach solution, make sure RINSE the heck out of it multiple times. In the final rinse you can use some dechlorinator to help get rid of whatever chlorine is...
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    homemade fishfood

    Here's a great thread to look at:
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    5.5 Gallon Journal

    **Update 1/27/14** 2 more casualties today! Woke up to one dead this morning and the shrimp were munching on it. Came home today to find cannibalism! I witnessed one shrimp catch the other and start munching on it's eyes! I used a net to separate the two, but another one caught it! Those...
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    Are amano shrimp likely to jump out of my tank?

    Jumping out of the tank is a possibility. I had RCS jump out of the tank in the past due to too high of temperature in the tank. Check all around the outside of the tank (a flashlight will help). Do you have any decor in your tank? I've had some shrimp hide in decor 24/7 (I too thought they were...
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    5.5 Gallon Journal

    I've had RCS before so I've seen molting, but I could tell this was an actually shrimp I love shrimp, that's why I plan on making my 10G into a invert tank.
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    5.5 Gallon Journal

    After reading your post I went to go look at my shrimp. It looks like I have quite a few females, but I can't say for sure. Oh, and I have one more casualty. It's carcase was half devoured by the other shrimp.
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    Planning a 65 gallon tank - What should I put with Tiger Barbs?

    From what many have experienced, Tiger Barbs aren't the greatest of community tank-mates. There are very few fish that have been successfully kept with Tigers Barbs like Serpae Tetra, Rainbow Sharks, Redtail Sharks, Some large aggressive Cichlids, and other varieties of Tiger Barbs.
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    My 40 litre cycled tank is home to three Sparkling Gourami

    Celestial Pear Danios (also known as Galaxy Rasbora) are great with Sparkling Gouramis! There are also many micro fish that go great with Sparkling Gouramis such as: Scarlet Badis, Endlers Livebearers, Pgymy Cories, Phoenix Rasbora, Clown Killifish, and many many more. Another great addition...
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    10 Gallon Tank Just geting set up

    Welcome to Fishlore! Your tank looks great! Do you know about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle? If not, I would recommend reading up on it as it is essential to keeping an aquarium. If you do know about the aquarium nitrogen cycle, how do you plan on cycling your tank? Just curious
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    5.5 Gallon Journal

    Assumed so. Too, I've heard that when being shipped to stores they aren't handled well. I expect a few more die withing the next coming days (still a few with a milky color, sluggishness), but I hope that most survive. I'm REALLY hoping that I have some females (I can't tell their sex). As of...
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    5.5 Gallon Journal

    **Update 1/26/14** Ghost Shrimp are looking great! Found two dead this morning. I assumed they weren't going to make it due to the sluggishness and milky color throughout their body. Ollie isn't messing with the Shrimp, but I can tell he doesn't like them. Possibly once my 10G is up I can...
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    5 Gallon Tank Help stock:)

    From what Fire Belly Newt care sheets say, a 5G will be too small to keep one. A 5G is perfect for a Betta or a Shrimp tank! You could easy have a colony of RCS (Red Cherry Shrimp) in a 5G. Another option is stocking with microfish such as Sparkling Gouramis, Scarlet Badis, Celestial Pearl...
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    40 Gallon Tank Fish-In Cycle Log (TSS)

    As the directions say on the bottle, do not do water changes during the cycling process when using TSS. Doing a water change can affect the results of the TSS. Today marks the day that your tank should've technically been cycled. From what your results are showing, the TSS you've used has failed...
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    diy co2 system question?

    Many have found that using an air stone does not produce small enough bubbles. Bubbles from a common CO2 diffuser are small enough that they are able to disperse and be absorbed into the water without a problem. The bubbles an air stone produce are big enough to float to the top of the tank and...
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    FINALLY! 55 gallon!!!

    Your tank and fish look great! You Gold Barbs look a bit skinny. Hopefully they'll start to fill out after a while.
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    i got my new tank.

    Congrats! Definitely need some pictures!
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    5.5 Gallon Journal

    **Update 1/25/14** Tank is still doing great as ever! Some of the Bacopa has almost reached the top of the tank! I'll have to do some trimming after a while. Did my weekly water change today (50%). I also went to the pet store and picked up some Ghost Shrimp, Java Moss, and Anacharis...
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