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  1. GusMcGrath202020

    Is my tank overstocked?

    Hello everyone, I have a pretty heavily planted 29 gallon and I'm wondering if its overstocked or if I might need to rehome some fish. It has 2 juvenile pearl gourami's, 9 cardinal tetras, a baby green dragon bristle nose pleco, a Siamese algae eater that was rehomed to me, 2 amano shrimp, and...
  2. GusMcGrath202020

    29 Gallon Tank White dots on back of aquarium?

    Hi everyone there seem to be white dots on the back glass of my aquarium. At first i thought they were assassin snail eggs or nerite snail eggs but i'm not sure since there not in clumps. Thanks! Excuse the algae
  3. GusMcGrath202020

    Floating plants instead of lid?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if instead of having a lid on my bettas tank can i have a layer of giant duckweed? will he be able to jump through that? Thanks!
  4. GusMcGrath202020

    Do assassin snails eat larger shrimp?

    Hello everyone, in my planted 29 gallon I am overrun with pond snails and rams horn snails and i'm tired looking at them. I want to get 2 or 3 assassin snails to help me fight them off, but I have ghost and amano shrimp. Will the assasain snail target them? also what about baby fish?, Thanks!
  5. GusMcGrath202020

    Is my tank overstocked?

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if my tank is overstocked. My tank is a 29 gallon that has a pretty decent amount of plants in it (low-tech) and a ton of floating plants. The livestock are 2 juvenile pearl gourami, one baby green dragon bristlenose pleco, 8 cardinal tetra, 3 glolight tetra...
  6. GusMcGrath202020

    Tank mates for betta

    Hello everyone! I am helping my cousin set up a 10 gallon for her kids (through facetime) and I finally convinced her to put her betta in the 10 gallon instead of the half bowl they were keeping him in. She asked me what other fish to get to put with the betta and I'm not too sure about that. I...
  7. GusMcGrath202020

    29 Gallon Tank When to cut runners and how to replant.

    Hello evryone! I am rescaping my 29 gallon and I pulled up all my jungle val, dwarf sag, and dwarf hairf grass and they are sending out runners! Should replant them with the runners underneath the substrate or above? Should I cut them? Thank you in advance. pics below are the jungle Val
  8. GusMcGrath202020

    Is my tank over stocked?

    Hello everyone! I have a 10 gallon with 3 albino cory catfish, 1 female flame dwarf gourami, and a very old panda Corie catfish. Is this too much? The tank is panted, it has about a quarter pound of java moss and a flame moss carpet (its not a full carpet so the cory's still have space) Thanks...
  9. GusMcGrath202020

    White spot on pearl gourami feeler

    Hello everyone, I have 2 pearl gouramis in a planted 29 gallon and I noticed that they have white spot on their feelers and their feelers are loosing color. Is it ich? is it fin rot? is it both? if so what should I do? I will post a pic They both still eat well.
  10. GusMcGrath202020

    Will this light work well?

    Hi everyone I am setting up an iwagumi scape. The tank will be the water box clear mini 10 and I am wondering if the light I have on hand will be enough. The carpet will be dwarf hairgrass and I will be injecting co2. This is the light: NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 Aquarium Light, Dimmable LED Fish...
  11. GusMcGrath202020

    What fish can I add?

    Hi Everyone, I have a planted 29 gallon that houses 2 smaller size pearl gouramis, 8 cardinal tetras, a baby bristlenose pleco, 10 shrimp (8 ghost 2 amanos) and some pest snails. I want to add something else to watch swim or move around, but can I? and what should it be? I was thinking a bamboo...
  12. GusMcGrath202020

    What fish for this 60 gallon half barrel? will it work?

    Hello everyone! I have a half barrel in my back yard that I want to turn into a mini fountain pond type thing. It is roughly 60 gallons and it is wood. will have a bunch of floating plants and I will try to make a hiding spot for what ever fish we put in there (what fish should I get?). I live...
  13. GusMcGrath202020

    Can I have a bamboo shrimp?

    Hi Everyone, I have a planted 29 gallon that houses 2 smaller size pearl gouramis, 8 cardinal tetras, a baby bristlenose pleco, 10 shrimp (8 ghost 2 amanos) and some pest snails. Can I add a bamboo shrimp into this mix? I will sqeeze my filter sponge so he/she can feed everyday. Also just so you...
  14. GusMcGrath202020

    Do you heat your aquarium when dry starting? how?

    Hello everybody, I was just wondering if you heat your aquarium when dry starting, if yes how?
  15. GusMcGrath202020

    Help! hurt pearl gourami

    Hi everyone, I got 2 pearl gouramis for my 29 gallon tank they are small so I did not think there would be much aggression. But the big one chases the little one around all the time. I woke up this morning and saw that my smaller one had a broken feeler. Should I treat it? should I get rid of...
  16. GusMcGrath202020

    29 Gallon Tank Did my cycle crash?

    Hi, I just tested my water and i have about 2 ppm nitrite, 0 ammonia and 0 nitrate. Did my cycle crash? how long does it take for nitrite to become nitrate? I just added prime so my fish are okay for now. How did this happen?!
  17. GusMcGrath202020

    29 Gallon Tank Plants to take up space

    Hi everyone! I have a 29 gallon that seems kind of empty to me. I want some plants that will fill up some vertical space. I have jungle val coming but I'm looking for some other plants. Thank You! The water is 7.8 ph, modertly hard and it is low tech.
  18. GusMcGrath202020

    29 Gallon Tank Help, I have an uncycled tank with fish in it

    Hello everybody, I have a planted 29 gallon that I thought was cycled, but it turns out my test kit was bunk or something because it is not cycled. And as the title says I have fish in there. I have tried numerous bacteria in a bottles but none of them seem to work. I have had the tank up with...
  19. GusMcGrath202020

    75 Gallon Tank Is this too much filtration?

    Hi everybody! I have a 75 gallon that is blacked out on all sides except for the front. There is no decor or subsrate and the only thing in the tank is a heater. I plan on puting one oscar in the tank with one fx4 filter. Is this to much filtration? Thank you!
  20. GusMcGrath202020

    Diy c02 question

    Hello! I am starting up a diy c02 system and I ordered a pack off amazon that comes with a pressure gauge and a needle valve. I also ordered and pack that came with a check valve, a diffuser, and a u shaped tube but it also came with something that I do not know what to do with but it seems...
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