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    Changeover Of Filter Type

    I originally had 2 large sponge filters in my 35 Gallon tank, but I recently bought and installed a Fluval 406 external filter and removed one of the two sponge filters. What I would like to know is when would it be safe enough to remove the other sponge filter. I have read online about various...
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    What's This On My Peppered Cory?

    Phew, I was beginning to think I had some sort of horrible disease in the tank....Cheers
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    What's This On My Peppered Cory?

    I've just noticed some strange green/silver marks on 2 of my peppered cory's. I have no idea what it is. My water is ok Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5ppm PH 7.6 I've also been doing regular water changes as well, this has me baffled. Any help is appreciated.
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    Is This Ick?

    Thanks for the quick reply, looks like my molly is to blame after all
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    Is This Ick?

    I posted a few days ago about one of my mollys being aggressive but having looked a bit closer at my tetra I'm not sure now, I am beginning to think it may be ick in my tank, I hope not but I really don't know. My tetra has what looks like a white spot on it's tail, I thought part had been...
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    Take A Fish Pic Right Now!

    My Albino bristlenose out and about in daylight for a change
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    Are Mollies Bullies?

    The 2 I have left are both females, I lost a male and 2 other females a while ago
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    Are Mollies Bullies?

    I have 5 Neon tetras and 2 Platys (was originally 5, but lost 3) also 4 Mollys, 1 male, 3 female, 1 Gold nugget pleco and 6 Corydoras catfish. The male molly is very aggressive at feeding time, he will chase any other fish away from the food except the Cory's (they fight back) Today I noticed...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I'm Richie from the Northeast UK. I have a 40 Gal tank in my Living Room and a 4.5 Gal tank in my Kitchen, my wife says the 4.5 Gal is hers, but I get to clean it out How does that work??? Hoping to learn a lot from you Ladies & Gents here, I'm back to fish keeping after a few years break...
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    Ip44 Led Light In Aquarium?

    The IP44 rating is common in outdoor lighting (basically splash-proof but not waterproof), therefore for aquarium lighting it should be fine. If for some reason you wanted to immerse it in water you would need a greater level of protection like ip65 which is waterproof. Hope this helps
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    Hello and Welcome All!

    Thanks for letting me join, I live in the uk, love animals especially my 4 German Shepherds and my 2 freshwater fish tanks. I hope to learn a lot as I'm fairly new at the aquarium stuff, only had my 160ltr tank for just over 2 months but all seems to be going well.
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