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    Mechanical filter in substrate?

    I am shortly going to start the process of converting a small quarantine tank I have into a display tank of sorts. I took a shot at imitating a sort of inert substrate (to maximize surface area but avoid soaking up treatments) by putting a liner of filter sponge at the bottom of the tank...
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    Want a big fish for 65 gallon

    Silver dollars get quite large, and are totally harmless. I think they're very pretty as well as they mature.
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    Are Fish in Petco or Petsmart Good Quality

    Problem is, ordering fish isn't going to turn anything into a sure bet. You can still get a fish that doesn't ship well, or that carries a disease into your tank. I would just say - go look at the tanks, see if there are dead or dying fish, be sure to pick out active fish that look healthy and...
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    Choose your “disaster”

    The plant issues are easy to control by moderating light and nutrients. miss one of those **** and you’re back to square one. Unless you nuke them from orbit with copper or something, which is not always an option
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    Are Fish in Petco or Petsmart Good Quality

    Agreed, you can only answer this question by going into the store and inspecting the tanks and fish. Are there dead and dying fish in the tank, are there pest snails and algae everywhere, etc. Also, get acquainted with their stock and delivery days and don’t take anything home if it just got to...
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    Is Malaysian red Java fern actually red?

    I don't have any experience with that particular plant, but if it's red you're looking for check out cardinalis. Leaves are quite red, and the undersides of the leaves are a deep purple. Easy to grow too.
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    How to get rid of hair algae?

    The water changes are to replace nutrients that the plants are sucking up, if the plants are keeping your nitrates low enough. I imagine if you wanted to do fewer water changes, you could make do with a fertilizer. Two in one - Flourish will both serve as plant food and also inhibits algae to a...
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    How to get rid of hair algae?

    Otos are diatom eating machines, if you want to go that route. But as noted above, diatoms suck because they are ugly, but they will go away on their own eventually. Plants will also help keep the nutrients for them and other algae down. Hair algae in my experience is directly related to...
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    Managing overnight PH drop

    Thanks - I came to the conclusion after doing some more research that the overnight PH drop is probably only an issue if you do have a bunch of macroalgae in your tank, because it stops photosynthesizing at night and that changes your water chemistry. I haven't seen anything to indicate that...
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    Non aquatic / indoor plants in Aquarium

    Ribbon plants. Funny thing about them is that Petsmart sells them as fully aquatic :rolleyes: also, bamboo?
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    As a follow up, I received new anemones earlier this week, and they have remained untouched. Justice has not missed its mark.
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    Leaves are growing leaves!

    Has anyone seen this before? I have an Anubias (maybe a sword, been a while) that is growing meta leaves. If you look super closely it’s a little plant growing out of each side of the leaf. Plant seems’s been growing here for forever and I haven’t added a new plant in about a year. Weird.
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    Cherry Shrimp dropping like flies

    You mention detritus worms. Are you sure they aren’t plenaria?
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    White Particles in Water.

    Yah, so buy C and throw it in the tank, or even just a few days or a week before you make the switch, do a water change, keep the water and toss C into it. That'll seed it and soften the transition when you take out A.
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    White Particles in Water.

    Also worried about taking out the old cartridge eventually, leaving the new one in, and putting a second one in. " Think about buying the second one right now, and leaving it sitting at the bottom of the tank until you're ready to do the switch. This is what I myself do. It's ugly for a while...
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    Axolotl question

    I would go bigger and long, not deep. You hear 15 gallons, but they max out at 6-10 inches, which seems really cramped for your average 15 gallon tank. I will leave the other questions for others as they are beyond my axolotl knowledge!
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    White Particles in Water.

    Gosh, that's tough to see. Don't suppose you have any under white light? I think since it's particles and not cloudy some of the bad ones (ex: bacterial bloom) can be ruled out. Probably what I would do in a situation where I've got stuff floating around in such a way that a net or a water...
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    Ammonia poisoning?

    Do try not to be patronizing. You note that the industry isn’t regulated but Fraud is still a crime fraud is what you are alleging yet Seachem remains one of the most respected companies in the industry. Many people here have pointed out that the claim is not that ammonia goes “poof” and...
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    White Particles in Water.

    Huh - a picture would be needed I think. Wild guess - Do you use purigen by any chance? If that stuff escapes the bag it can do what you’re describing
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    White Particles in Water.

    What was the media you added? Did you rinse it well before you put it in? Many types of media have a Lot of residue that needs to be rinsed off.
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