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    Wow! Clarion angel...$3500

    Now this is one expensive fish!
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    calcium supplement

    Just a curiousity question...what kind of calcium suppliment do you use with your tank? I've been using Kent Marine liquid calcium, though the current bottle will be gone in another couple of weeks and I may try something new.
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    couple of problems - "you do not have permission"

    Since the upgrade, I have been unable to use the quick reply box. When I hit the post button after typing my message, I get an error that says "you do not have permission to perform this action". Also, when I am viewing a post with a thumbnail picture, I get the same error message when I...
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    red bubble algae

    Anybody know of any reliable control methods for Botryocladia skottsbergiI - red bubble algae? 29 gallon tank, approx 10 months old. I'm reading different things when I , so I thought I'd see if anyone here has successfully dealt with the stuff, other than thru never-ending manual removal...
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    Scopas tang with cloudy eye

    I'll try and get a picture up later...wife ran off with the camera for a while! 1 eye on my scopas looks perfectly normal. The other is getting cloudy, and he does not seem able to see out of it, based on his feeding behavior. There does not seem to be any swelling (ie, popeye). He is...
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    Rena Smartheater - Anybody had any experience

    Anybody had any experience with these? I have just ordered one for my 29 gallon reef tank. I like the idea of putting in on the intake of my canister and removing the traditional heater. Less equipment intruding in the tank and all. If I like it, I will make the same switch on my larger tank.
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    Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish - New addition

    Here is the newest addition to my 55 gallon tank. I had given up on being able to find a fuzzy dwarf after converting this tank from freshwater. Walked into the LFS last Wednesday and there she was. Score! I took it as a sign and took her home. She ate for the first time last night, and...
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    New 55 gallon saltwater aquarium

    I have been slowly accumulating equipment over the past few months to convert my 55 gallon fresh water tank over to salt. The live rock finally went in today, and I have the first picture. Not much to see yet, except a couple of piles of rock. The lights are standard fluorescent right now. I...
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    Mechanical filtration yea/nay?

    For those with reef you run mechanical filtration? Why or why not? I have an XP2 canister on my tank and have been running the provided foam filters in 1 tray, with a matrix/de-nitrate combination of media in the 2nd tray. I pull the foam pads out every 2-3 weeks and rinse them out...
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    Evolution of my saltwater aquarium

    I was just going back through my fish pics folder and thought I would put together a quick post showing how the tank has changed over time. Current occupants are: Percula clownfish, royal gramma, purple firefish, skunk cleaner shrimp. Corals are starburst polyps, umbrella xenia, colt coral...
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    Coralife Super Skimmer

    I replaced my old skimmer with a Coralife SS this past Wednesday. Yesterday it seemed to cross out of the "break in" phase and is now beginning to generate some foam. The noise seems to be slightly less than the Prizm was, though definitely still noticeable. The only thing I don't like so far...
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    No markers on the map?

    Subject pretty much sums it up. When I look at the map there are no markers. If I click "list users" I see users who have placed markers, but I can not see them when viewing the map.
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    Why you need a protein skimmer

    A seemingly common question as many people begin looking at the equipment needed to set up a saltwater tank is "What does a protein skimmer do?", which is immediately followed by "Do I really need one?" (usually after having researched the price tag) The (simplified) answer to the first...
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    ID what is growing on live rock

    I have several things growing on the rock that came with my starburst polyps that I do not recognize. It is white and puffy...looks kind of like the end of a Q-tip, with a funnel shaped opening coming off of it. I've attached a picture...not the greatest quality as this camera kind of sucks...
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    Rena XP2

    I'm thinking of upgrading to an XP2 canister this week. Big Al's has them for $75, plus another 10% off through the weekend. Beyond the improved mechanical filtration (currently just running an aquaclear HOB), one of the main things I am looking to improve is my bio filtration, ala the later...
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    Snail + friend

    I have an astrea snail that I have been noticing for a while now seemed to have something hitchhiking along inside the shell and peeking out from time to time. Today the snail made a trip up the glass to the top of the tank and made it easy for me to get a good look at it. It is a feather...
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    Just curious as to what range you all shoot for on nitrate levels. Clearly the lower the better, but beyond that...? I am trying to plug away at a red slime problem. It isn't too terribly bad yet, and I am trying to keep it that way. The last couple of days I have been tinkering with my...
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    FIXED - Moderator approval

    FIXED - New post problem I just tried to post a reply to a thread and got a screen that said "You post will be invisible until approved by a moderator", etc, etc.
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    RESOLVED - Forum Contains New Posts

    When you are viewing the main board, there is a fish icon on the left side of each forum that is either shaded if there have been no new posts there since your last visit, or blue if there have been. Since the update, after I go into a forum and read all the new posts, when I go back to the...
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    FIXED - Quick Reply

    I probably am missing a setting somewhere, but... Since the conversion, I have a "quick reply" box at the bottom of every thread I read. However, when I try to post a reply using that box, the reply does not post, I am booted off the forum and have to log back on. Any ideas?
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