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    Hole in the dead.. oh I mean head...

    HI guys, Ive been battling with bad hole in the head disease with Astrodam, hes really battling at the moment, the holes at one stage started to close and heal, but recently, they increasing in size and more are appearing. My water is in prestine condition, and I removed my Hi-fin...
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    Question for you, please help!

    HI guys, I'm battling a bit with my large tank, I have algae growing between the silicone sealant and the glass. Now, I'm worried that that would significantly affect the strength of my tank, considering its holding close on 300gallons. I don't want to have to take my fish out, and re seal my...
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    have you ever seen anything like this?????

    HI guys, over the last few weeks, ive noticed a change in one of my silver dollars, hes started develping a black trail and dorsal fin, and two vertical spots on his body, on both sides. He became very territorial as well, I also noticed that the red on the bottom of his tail dissapeared...
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    Isabella this is for you!!!

    I thought you would love these little puppies of mine, theyre three weeks old now and there are seven. they pomeranians although It looks as if Drifter might have slipped one of his puppies in there! hehe (Good for him!)
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    pics of my dollars

    well here they are schooling, dollar, penny, pound and cent. How do you sex them?
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    Some more of my dogs

    Heres some more pics of my dogs, Shaddow, a German shorthaired pointer, hes very neurotic, mimi, in a pot, shes still a little piggy, Drifter, hed been waching tv on my duvet.
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    This is Bandit, Hes a real little turd, hes so naughty but that's what makes his so cute!!! I love him to bits!!! Hes a really crazy dog and goes everywhere in leaps and bounds, can't walk - impossible!
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    Female betta types

    How would one tell what strain your female Betta is? I want to breed with my new male (Ive bred before and am fully capable of doing so) but Ive only done it with your average Betta which I think are veil tails? So I'm wanting to get a halfmoon female but is it possible to tell or are only males...
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    Where do you live???

    HI Everyone! I'm very interested to know where everyone in the forum stays. Ok I know we have the member map but after posting some pics of what South Africa is like Id really love to know what other Countries and Cities look like. Ive never been out of South Africa and would love it if you guys...
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    My new betta - what am I and whats my name???

    HI Everyone, This is my new little one - his home is a 15 gallon planted tank with black sand. He a friend with him - a Cory cat named Watson... please let me know if this little one is a half moon or delta and I haven't thought of a name for him. Can you help me out??? I really tried to get a...
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    In memory of Fat cat

    This was my little kitty, I nicknamed him fat cat and it stuck. He was my favourite little boy! he got very sick and I had to put him down. I do miss him so, especially when I look at all your wonderful kitty pictures... well this is him with his best friend Drifter
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    HI everyone! I'm Astrodam - I'm new in my tank and I love it soooo much! My mommy thought you would like to see what I look like! Well - here I am!
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    More food!!! mwahmwahhhahaa

    This is Captain Cook Hes called that cos hes blind in one eye, his eye didn't develop or something but It gives him character cos he swims sideways to see you! Hes got Cichlid pellets lodged in his mouth cos no more will fit into his tummy!
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    Growing Fast!

    My Pleco, really has grown so fast, I got him in July he was 3" now hes almost 8" that was 5 months. Do all Catfish grow that fast?
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    My doggies!

    This is one of my JR's and my Pomeranian, the jack Russel has had a little bit of a problem with the sun on his eye - but Ive since bought medication for that and is looking much better. his name is bandit and the pom is loverboy. Loverboy is gay, and is proud of it. hes since got a pink studded...
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    A Beautiful Beast!

    hey everyone, heres a photo of the Huge elephant I saw in November at the Kruger National Park, For anyone who doenst know where that is, its in South Africa, North of Johannesburg, its a huge nature reserve and is home to many amazing animals!
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    My little one

    HI everyone, I tried to post a pic of my new son, but the file is too big, ill see what I can do... anyway
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    guppie mania

    Shoo, :-[ I have about 20 guppies now, from 3, two females and one male, they bred and bred and bred, I took all the males out and theyre still breeding and having baibes and more babies! be careful when having guppies, males and females together, females can store sperm for up to a year or...
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    piggy and fatso

    HI chickadee, just letting you know that my two male bettas are doing great, piggy hasnt dropped his habit of stealing fatso's food and fatso bullies it back, so they still love eachother as much as they did when I got them. I left them at home on holiday and a friend looked after them so well...
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