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    Is my ADF okay?

    I got an ADF and 3 guppies at the LFS on Thursday night, acclimated them according to the instructions and let them out of the bags yesterday. The guppies are doing really well but the frog was not very active in the bag or when I let him out and now he is just lying on the bottom. I wondered...
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    What kind of eggs are these?

    Some tiny white things have appeared on the back wall of the tank. There aren’t very many and there aren’t any on the rocks, plants or heater. I reached in and they’re stuck on pretty well. These photos aren’t good as they aren’t easy to get to, in the back, but this is the best of a bad lot...
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    The lily bulbs I planted in the aquarium have really taken off and there are many large leaves on the water surface. Now that it is mature, will it bloom? I haven't cut the leaves off because I keep hoping it will bloom. Has anyone had one bloom in the tank? Are they related to the water...
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    Emergent plants

    I'd really like to have plants emerging from the top of the tank, and, a I've written about before, would love to try to get the little water lilies (Nymphea) near to the surface in the hopes of flowers. I put some Dracaena into a net pot (from orchids) with some pebbles and small shells to...
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    Raising fish from purchased eggs.

    Since one of the females from my 2 pairs of Aphanius mento died, I've been searching for another one or more females but have had no luck. There are eggs for sale on Aquabid. Would it be possible for a beginner to raise them? Are there any good information sites about the basics? I mean VERY...
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    Micro lotus

    I keep seeing ads online for micro lotus bulbs and seeds. They grow in small bowls of water and look beautiful - has anyone tried to grow them in an aquarium? I also wondered about water hyacinth.
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    Aphanius mento - need help

    I have a 29 gallon tank and had 2 pairs of Aphanius mento, bought from someone on Aquabid who only sells them in pairs. One of the females died and I'm worried about the remaining female. I'd like to get another or more females but haven't been able to find any online. Does anyone know of a...
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