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    Manganese Dioxide And Well Water

    I have a private well that is filtered with a Pyrolox (manganese dioxide) iron filter and then a water softener. The Pyrolox filter has no air or chemical injection. Anyone know if manganese dioxide has any ill affects on freshwater fish or if there's any other concern? Of course I plan to...
  2. J

    Petsmart Top Fin Heaters on Sale

    Went to Petsmart today for dog supplies and feeder snail food and walked by the heaters and they were on sale/ marked down. Got the last two Top Fin 150 watt heaters for $14 each. Not sure I would use them in main tanks but I've lost a heater or two and was using better heaters in my two...
  3. J

    How Much Damage/300w Heater Do to/55g

    So how much damage could a 300w Marineland Visitherm do to a 55g? I got this old VisI when I bought it with my 55 gallon setup over 2 years ago and although the dial was off it has been very consistant and reliable. Anyway, tonight I noticed some odd behavior in the tank. It houses 5 female...
  4. J

    Is My Female Molly About to Drop?

    About 10 days ago I introduced 4 female mollies to my figure 8 puffer tank. I got all females because I didn't want the sexual harassment or baby fish. Well several days ago one of the females had babies and I left them in and most have been picked off. I see two still in there and I've given...
  5. J

    One Dirty Canister Filter

    Well I didn't write down the last time this filter was cleaned but I think it's been about 5-6 months. I usually shoot for 3 months and on this 75 gallon I alternate cleanings between the two canisters. It's an old Fluval 403 that runs next to a 404. Loot at all the mulm. It was so...
  6. J

    Glass Heater Light Color...Why Orange???

    Does anyone know why glass heater lights are that very specific orange color. Is it some special bulb? Is there something inside it that serves some special function...Kinda like a mercury switch in an older thermostat? I don't think there is, but IDK.
  7. J

    Temporarily Keeping Fish in a Bathtub

    I've searched the forum and cannot find anything and I'm not even sure where to post this thread. I have a friend that is having some landscaping and a bigger pond put in and he is thinking of putting his 6 goldfish in the spare bathtub for a few days while the work is done. I have a bathtub...
  8. J

    Panda Garra Not Eating

    Not a loach...I don't know what they are...But they aren't classified as a loach. So, great oddball. Anyway. I researched them much before I bought them and feeding seemed easy from other keepers online, but these fish haven't eaten a single thing all week. I've offered...Kinda in...
  9. J

    Cherry Shrimp in Low-End Brackish Water.

    The title says it all...Will cherry shrimp do well in low end brackish water with an SG of 1.004 or so. I've searched and searched and I cannot find a clear answer. I would love to ne able to keep them with my BBGs. I have ghost shrimp in there and they have thrived.
  10. J

    Another Stealth Pro Problem

    Well, I got my letter from Petsmart last year to exchange my 200w Stealth Pro heater, but never got around to it. Instead I removed it from a tank and put it my Rubbermaid Brute brackish water mixing vessel thinking that if it blew up, nothing catastrophic would happen. This vessel has a pond...
  11. J

    Removing Smileys from my Message Box

    I searched but I can't find anything... So how do I hide or disable all the smileys in my message box? Or even put them to the side. I find it a pain to have to scroll through these to write a message. Thanks in advance.
  12. J

    Neon Tetra and Possible Dropsy/Bloat

    Does this look like dropsy or bloat. This fish has been like this for some time and is just getting bigger and bigger. As you can see from the first pic there is another fish that is getting big too. They swim around and act perfectly fine. They are in a 55 gallon community tank with...
  13. J

    Suggestions for a 15g-Tall Tank

    I love the shape and footprint of this tank. Originally I used it to house 3 dwarf puffs but I moved them to a 29 gallon last year. Very recently I converted it to house 2 juvenile figure 8 puffers that I kinda rescued from another member on another forum. Anyways...I've always wanted kribs...
  14. J

    Anybody Use Ebay Digital Thermometers?

    I have stick on thermometers on all my tanks and they do a great job but they can be a little hard to read at a glance. I'm afraid that if I have a heater out on me this winter I won't notice it soon enough. I think that a digital thermometer would be very easy to read without even having...
  15. J

    Increasing Hardness with Baking Soda

    My tap water is extremely soft. I'm talking a KH of 3-4 degrees and a GH of 9-10 degrees. And I've been trying to get the KH up for my figure 8 puffer and bumblebee goby tank for some time now. I have added crushed coral sand and aragonite to the substrate as well as added crushed aragonite in...
  16. J

    Black Khuli Loaches MIA-POW

    Well last month I added a few black kuhlis to my dwarf puffer tank, everything has gone perfectly. I picked up another dwarf puffer and added 2 more kuhlis to her QT tank so when it was time for them to get out of QT, I could take everybody out of their 10 gallon tanks and give them their own...
  17. J

    Walmart F8 - Help Him Survive

    Well, if you remember I threatened to go back to Walmart and get the worst F8 in their tank and I did. There's more to the story but right now he desperately needs your help. He has what I think is a big fungus spot on his back and he has a mild case of ich. He is pretty lethargic and is...
  18. J

    Snail I.D. Help (Not a Ramshorn, Mystery, Apple,...)

    I bought a bunch of plants from my local Petland and when I removed them from QT to put in their permanent tank I found a baby snail. Now I breed ramshorns as feeders and I've had baby pond and MTS as well as had baby mystery snails before. My Japanese trapdoor also had a baby that has been...
  19. J

    Velvet, Fungus, or What?

    Velvet, Fungus, or What? *COLUMNARIS* Well, I have a 15 gallon tall tank that I've turned into a planted tank that housed my betta. I knew I wanted to put some other small colorful fish in there to contrast with the plants. I was at Petsmart on Saturday and they had cardinal tetras on sale...
  20. J

    Another Plant ID, Please

    Plant ID, Please / Newly Planted Tank I need some help IDing a plant. I bought some plants at my local Petland 5 for $10 and some hornwart for $1. I have looked everywhere online and I can't find anything that looks like one of the plants I got and it makes me wonder if they're actually...
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