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    How do I quarantine Cardinal tetras?

    Been thinking about getting some Cardinal tetras (or rummynose.. I keep flip flopping between the two ). After learning a valuable lesson (the hard way) about the importance of a quarantine tank, I was wondering how I could do this without stressing them out too much since I've heard they're...
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    Just a story of my rocky/rewarding first timer experience :)

    So this is more story time than anything else ;D Almost a year ago I was in my biology lab class and we started doing a lab that involved observing Bettas for their behavior. I started feeling a bit nostalgic because when I was around 4 or 5 I had this Betta named Rainbow. (Now as I think more...
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    White Spots but I don't think it's Ick..

    My male and female Swordtails recently had ick and I have been treating them with Quick Cure and doing water changes for about a week now. The ick seems to have gone away, they had a bunch of small white grains on them and now they have none. However, my male swordtail has 4 white dots on each...
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    Can different aged fry get along?

    My swordtail gave birth to three fry 10 days ago and now she gave birth to a whole bunch more. Would it be safe to mix the older fry with these new fry?
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    Not sure what's growing on my net breeder

    So about a week ago my swordtail gave birth to three fry and I had them in a small little container with an Anacharis until I could buy a net breeder. I moved them over to the net breeder in my main tank and it came with some plastic plants but I threw in the Anacharis because they seemed to...
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    Ick is Icky

    So just two days ago my female swordtail gave birth and I put them in mesh breeder's net in the main tank. But yesterday.. to my horror.. I notice some small white spots on the male and female swordtail. I didn't know what to do because of the fry so I quickly took out the male and female...
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    Aquaclear filter suggestion for 20 gallon

    Just got a 20 gallon long tank and I'm looking to buy an Aquaclear filter. Should I go for the AC 50 or the AC 70? Would the current be too strong with the 70?
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    How Do I Remove Algae Stains from Silk Plants?

    So after dealing with diatoms for what seems to be ages, I think they've finally stopped attacking my tank . The problem now is that all of my silk plants are stained brown and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I've heard bleach works for plastic plants but I'm sure that if I use it on my...
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    Female Betta Sorority.. Good or Bad Idea?

    Hello my fellow fish lovers I've been thinking of getting a new 29 gallon tank and wanted to add some more fish to live peacefully with my Dalmatian Molly and my Dwarf Gourami. Was thinking about getting a few female bettas because I had read that they are peaceful, unlike the males, and seen...
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    Newbie needs help with tank upgrade!!!

    So I've been wanting to upgrade my tank for quite a while now and with all these stores turning "Black Friday" into "Black-Week", I figured now might be a good time to finally get one. I really want something between 20-30 gallons, but there's just so many brands and kits and different lighting...
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