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  1. gregoranddexter1816

    What salt for popeye?

    sometimes bringing the temp to 80 helps them heal. When my fish got Popeye (didn't act sick) and finrot i raised the temp to 80-82 F and that helped a lot. As well as almond leaves. And Most helpful tip!!!!!! sometimes Popeye can be caused by an internal issue. sounds crazy but maybe try...
  2. gregoranddexter1816

    Ghost shrimp bioload

    Great! i got a 10g but it leaked so i ended up just getting a 20gallon tall. I have 4 ghost shrimp (one died because of age) and 4 platies, 1 dwarf gourami and the snail. I can tell its so healthy for the snail because there's a distinct line in his shell growth where the color is darker and the...
  3. gregoranddexter1816

    Male platy bullying female

    I have 3 female platies and 1 male at the moment. For a few weeks I've noticed one female has been getting chased and bullied by the male. Ive watched carefully to make sure she wasn't losing any weight and making sure she ate. I noticed it started right after she gave birth. Im not sure what to...
  4. gregoranddexter1816

    Cataracts in betta fish? Or Bac/fungal infection?

    I checked all levels normal. 0 everything
  5. gregoranddexter1816

    Cataracts in betta fish? Or Bac/fungal infection?

    I've tried posting pictures before but he's so fast its hard to get them. Ive heard that it could be a scale over his eye but I'm pretty sure its age related. ill try and take some right now i do weekly water changes on Mondays then on Wednesday check parameters. the tank has built in...
  6. gregoranddexter1816

    Cataracts in betta fish? Or Bac/fungal infection?

    Not sure what it is. He could use a little immune boost from some medication from recovering from fin rot and age. But today one of his eyes looked off. Not poped out or anything. But it looked similar to when he had Popeye in Febuary and he was healing from it. Hes in a 5 gallon tank currently...
  7. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon stocking

    ok sounds good! Never kept one and always wanted to. Will it be too aggressive though?
  8. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon stocking

    yeah I'm totally fine changing water though. But that's a good idea. once everything in this tank dies off (i bought everything at a big name pet store so i know the breeding isn't fantastic) I want to have a serious heavily planted tank., id consider current planting light since they haven't...
  9. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon tank stocking check

    currently have: 4 platy 4 ghost shrimp 1 mystery snail 1 platy fry (i do no plan to keep more than this one fry) I would like to add a centerpiece fish. I was thinking a Dwarg Gourami? Theyre gorgeous and seem to be perfect to finish off this tank and I checked my tank stock with a calculator...
  10. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon high Stocking Help

    i used it recently and it was fine but ever since its done the same to me so i think its just getting sold
  11. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon stocking

    yeah i don't plan on keeping the fry in the future but i think it'll be nice to have just one that i raised.
  12. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon stocking

    ok i wont fully stock until its cycled so it doesn't overload the BB. But i JUSt found a freaking platy fry!!!!! Any advice on raising it? Itll start in a mech breeder box. Idk what to feed it though
  13. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon stocking

    My 10 gallon tank from petsmart started a leaking so i went out and bought myself a 20 gallon (since it was on sale and id get a full refund on the 10 gallon). But now I feel like I'm going to be super understocked. currently i have: - 1 mystery snail - 4 ghost shrimps - 4 sunburst platies...
  14. gregoranddexter1816

    Platys not eating!

    UPDATE: The fish ate yesterday and today. I think this they understand the concept of food on the surface yet. But they're been active and munching on my plants and the biofilm. I gave them some sinking shrimp pellets this morning and they ate it by the time I returned. I put a piece of balanced...
  15. gregoranddexter1816

    AquaClear HOB filter?

    I saw a few videos on this filter and really enjoy the fact it comes as a '3 stage filtration' filter. With a lot of room to personalize your filtration needs. I currently have a 10 gallon topfin tank with the topfin silenstream 10 power filter. there's not much room in it for 3 stage...
  16. gregoranddexter1816

    Anyone Tried Alder Cones?

    SunGrow claims that they prevent fungal infections. However they are super expensive and I'm on a budget with my fish keeping (I mean with extra things not with anything i seriously need). I already use almond leafs and i enjoy them in both of my tanks. But i am trying to breed some ghost shrimp...
  17. gregoranddexter1816

    Platys not eating!

    never heard of vinegar eels! I noticed a few minutes ago they are munching on the plants in the tank so I'm not super concerned. They seem to just be settling in now.
  18. gregoranddexter1816

    Platys not eating!

    I’ll try that! At the pet store I noticed that they just feed the fish with the vacation feeders on the bottom of the tank so they may be looking for things in the bottom. That’s all they have tried to eat so far. I think a few are visually impaired because they don’t seem to notice the food...
  19. gregoranddexter1816

    Platys not eating!

    Well my water is fine. I’ve cycled tanks before and used things and filter media from a very strong cycled tank. My pet store just got them and a few are pregnant.
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