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  1. AnimeStar4

    Is 2 Nerites in a divided tank a mistake?

    So i have a divided 5 gallon tank with 2 bettas. today i got 2 small nerite snails and im worried it will overstock the tank. should i see if the store will take the snails back or will i be ok if I check water levels regularly?
  2. AnimeStar4

    Floating Vertical

    So for a couple days I have noticed one of my bettas floating nose up. i heard it might be a swim bladder issue so i will fast him for a few days and see if anything changes, I didnt test the water yet but I dont feel thats the issue because i have 2 bettas in that tank with a divider and the...
  3. AnimeStar4

    Expiration date on fish food

    So I just found a bottle of betta pellets that expired in 2014 in one of my drawers. the bottle is only a quarter of the way full. would it be safe to feed the rest of the bottle to my bettas? I know it probably doesnt have much nutritional value anymore so I would just add it to rotation with...
  4. AnimeStar4

    5 Gallon Tank Confused on Levels

    About 2 weeks ago I set up my betta tank and started a fish in cycle. I had put extra foam in the filter of my 10 gallon for a week that I moved over last week. I have yet to read any nitrites and my ammonia has remained between .25 and .5 with regular water changes. today I was confused about...
  5. AnimeStar4

    Preserving filter media outside of filter

    so I have some extra already dechlorinated water left over from a water change today and my filter is getting pretty noisy. I'm wondering if there is damage to the motor or something. I was wondering if i could remove my filter media and put it in that bucket so I can inspect the filter. if i do...
  6. AnimeStar4

    Super Fast Cycle?

    So I'm confused. I set up a 5 gallon betta tank about 3 days ago. I did leave the filters carbon cartridges (didnt come with a bio foam but im going to be adding some) in a cycled tank for a day before moving them over and add quick start. whats confusing me is I had about a .25 ammonia level...
  7. AnimeStar4

    10 Gallon Tank Cloudy Water, Fry

    So i checked on my tank today and noticed a couple things. 1st off is my mystery snail laying half out of its shell. it moves occasionally so i know it isnt dead but hopefully its just sleeping and not ill. 2nd off my water is kinda on the cloudy side, and 3rd one of my guppies gave birth. I...
  8. AnimeStar4

    Established Media

    So I have a 10 gallon tank thats probably had an established cycle for a month or so. it has 5 guppies and a snail. I just got a split 5 gallon for two bettas. what would be the best way to cycle the new tank using the old one? additionally I realized that the 10 gallon is running both a hanging...
  9. AnimeStar4

    10 Gallon Tank Clamped Fin

    Just set up an old tank for the first time in years, had to wash the whole thing down with vinegar to get rid of the lime scale build up so im completely starting from scratch with everything. had the tank set up with filter and heater for a day and used a water conditioner and quick start...
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