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    I'm o-fish-ially a broke fishservant

    Its certainly gets expensive as you expand your collection. There is a lot you can do to reduce the costs, but you still need the essentials, and they cost enough on their own. But one of the nice things about this hobby is that you can pick things up as you go, and expand gradually in...
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    Tank levelling. How perfect does it need to be?

    How did you narrow down the cause to improper shimming?
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    Going Nuts Over Fishless Cycle

    With or without a bacteria product, the OP should be seeing some change by now. 2 months is too long to see no action, even in a barebones cycle Maybe you've just had bad luck with both bottled and wild bacteria. I'd try adding a live plant. Even if you don't want to keep any plants, just buy...
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    Going Nuts Over Fishless Cycle

    Your municipality almost certainly provides a water test report. I think it's required by law. You can probably find it online. It will tell you what's in it. Chloramine doesn't evaporate out like chlorine. It's much more stable. So if your conditioner didn't neutralize it, then it's still there.
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    Going Nuts Over Fishless Cycle

    No, the carbon shouldn't affect the cycle. Do you know if your water has a high concentration of chloramine? If so, you may need to use a larger dose of water conditioner. What type of conditioner are you using? I use Prime, and the directions say to double to the dose if you have high levels...
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    Going Nuts Over Fishless Cycle

    Strange. Could be a defective test kit. You could pick up some quick strips and test with those to see if the results are the same.
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    10 Gallon Tank Heavy mineral concentration, solution?

    Dilution is the solution. If you are doing 33% weekly, and you find that is insufficient, then bump that up to 50% and see what that does for you.
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    55 Gallon Tank Not all air stones are the same

    Air will always take the path of least resistance. And balancing the path of least resistance equally between two lines can be tricky... unless you have a gang valve. With a gang valve you can adjust the flow to each outlet. That makes balancing the flow between two or more air stones easy.
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    Starting again......

    White clouds might be a good choice. They're quite hardy. They aren't a schooling fish, but they are shoaling fish. They stick together, but don't coordinate their swimming. The males like to flare at each other and that's fun to watch. They look quite bland in the store, but they color up...
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    55 Gallon Tank Safe to add more fish

    Water clarity is not a good indicator of water quality. It really doesn't tell you anything useful. That's great you're getting a test kit. I'd advise patience. Its incredibly tempting in the beginning to keep adding more fish. Your tank has only been running a few days, so its probably not...
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    How to get into the fish industry with 25k?

    If I were to invest 25K in the fish industry, I'd stay completely away from retail, and completely away from plants and livestock. I don't see how I could make myself competitive in those areas. What I would do is develop a product. I'm a mechanical engineer who works in the automation...
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    Why do people say you should keep fish from the same continent together?

    I agree, and I suspect that biotope aquariums run into less problems because of the extra research and attention to detail that the fishkeeper puts into them. Its not the fact that they are biotopes that makes them successful. Its the effort that goes into ensuring that the needs of each...
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    Why do people say you should keep fish from the same continent together?

    In my opinion, its not the biotope that matters. Its the water conditions and fish behaviors. If you combine fish that can do well in similar water, and whose behaviors are compatible with each other, then that's a good stocking plan. Sometimes these combinations will correspond with a biotope...
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    What causes blue green algae?

    According to the article linked below, which was published in 2013, there were 2698 described species of cyanobacteria at that time. And they estimate that there must be over 6000 in total. How many species of Cyanobacteria are there? Using a discovery curve to predict the species number I...
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    Unbalanced Tank

    I'd start by reducing the lighting down to 8 hours. Then see what that does over the course of a few weeks. I also don't recommend using the pump on the Easy Green fertilizer bottle. The pump is not accurate or consistent. I use Easy Green, and I like the product, but the pump is a cheap...
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    Do all fish type eat guppy fry? CoryCatfish?

    Corydoras should be safe. But I have read accounts of them actively hunting and eating fry. So there is no guarantee. But certainly in your tank, the most dangerous fish for your guppy fry is the guppy adults. Give them some cover, and they should be fine.
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    Trouble with temperature

    Yeah I like those things. Quick and reliable. I've also found that the temperature calibration on heaters can be off by quite a bit sometimes. The heater may work perfectly fine, but just have bad calibration. When reading reviews on heaters, I see a lot of people seem to have trouble with...
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    What's On Your Shelf? - Recommended Reading For Fish Keepers

    That's funny. I actually have George Farmer's book sitting in my Amazon wishlist right now.
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    What's On Your Shelf? - Recommended Reading For Fish Keepers

    Its all in the title. What books would you recommend for fish keepers? Books for novices, or experts. Books on anything from aquascaping to guppy genetics. Doesn't really matter. What's on your shelf? And what do you think should be on mine?
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    Stubborn Algae that I just can't get rid of?

    I agree with airdog44. I'm always reluctant to pull plants because I like to think I can bring them back. It sucks to admit defeat with a plant you like. But more often than not, I can't solve the algae problem until I start begrudgingly removing the plants that just aren't doing well. Edit...
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