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  1. Ladyy

    20 gallon community stock?

    Best ideas for 20 gallon fish tank.. Community fun stock? Will be planted
  2. Ladyy

    Which Cichlids to move from 45 to 55 gallon?

    So im planning to move most of my fish to my 45 gallon from my 55 planted and turn my 55 into a cichlid community tank. In my 55: 2 pearl gouramis 2 kissers 2 honey gourami 1 dwarf gourami 2 angel fish 1 rope fish 1 electric blue acara 1 rubber lip pleco 1 mystery 4 corys Who should i move...
  3. Ladyy

    45 gallon Hexagon Stock?

    45 Gallons.. Set up and starting fishless cycle..with fritz and old filter media.. Got some drift wood coming and thinking of making a sunken ship scene.. Adding plants after wood and ship tomorrow.. . Suggestions on stock? :)
  4. Ladyy

    55 gallon update

    I have had my 55 gallon running for about 2 months now.. Planted :) its been an experience and everyone seems to be doing extremely well.. Update.. 10 neons 12 Zebras 2 honey Gouramis 2 pearl gouramis 2 angels 1 dwarf gourami 2 albino Cory 2 peppered Cory 1 Rubber lip pleco And 1 electric...
  5. Ladyy

    Baby Boy Betta?

    So i went to petco and felt very sad for the baby bettas in bowls.. So I brought one home.. I suppose its fun to see how it will turn out.. Any guesses?
  6. Ladyy

    55 gallon

    Im very excited to finally almost be through my cycle on my planted 55 gallon tank.. Now fish lol best ideas? I want a community tank :)
  7. Ladyy

    55 gallon

    I am cycling my 55 gallon tank and some how i have ammonia and nitrates lol very little nitrites.. Does this look normal.. Also does anyone know what this isngrowing in my tank..or what i can do about it
  8. Ladyy

    Nitrates too high ?

    So i did a water change and gravel clean Sunday in my 29 gallon partially planted tank.. So i thought id check the water today.. Do these nitrate levels look too high..
  9. Ladyy

    29 gallon - change filter without hurting cycle?

    Sooo my tank has been cycled about 3 weeks.. And the filter is nasty.. I haven't changed it in the 5 or so weeks I've had the tank.. Can i change it without hurting the cycle
  10. Ladyy

    How to cycle 55 gallon quickly

    Trying to cycle a 55 gallon... What is the fastest most effective way to do this? Fishless of course.
  11. Ladyy

    Help! Found a fry while cleaning!

    I was doing a gravel clean on my 29 gallon and stirred up the gravel around my tree troll decor and a tiny baby (fry I suppose) came out lol.. I wasnt trying to breed.. Im not sure what kind it is lol or what to do
  12. Ladyy

    Another beginner Question...changing substrate?

    So i have a 29 gallon.. Completely cycled.. And when i set up the tank i bought blue gravel.. Cause..well i like blue.. And nowww.. I despise the blue gravel and want to change to a more natural color or sand.. Best steps to change it...and go.. Thank You
  13. Ladyy

    Planted 55 gal

    So i want to do a planted 55.. The thing is alot of this substrate and soil stuff is confusing.. So.. What would be the cheapest safest way to set up.thia tank for a beginner?
  14. Ladyy

    So excited - planted tank setup tips?

    My husband found me a 55 gallon on marketplace at a lower price.. I am so excited to start setting this up.. I want it to have live plants and a wide array of fish.. Any pointers would be appreciated
  15. Ladyy

    Trying my hand at some photos

    I am trying my hand at getting some nice fish photos lol.. They are so fast.. Hahaha
  16. Ladyy

    10 gallon tank stocking suggestions?

    I have an unused 10 Gallon tank i was thinking of cleaning up and setting up.. Any ideas on a fun array of small fish for 10g?
  17. Ladyy

    More Beginner Questions?

    I read that putting plants in your tank is very healthy for your tank and your fish. Can someone give me ideas of what's best and best procedure.. Thanks so Much
  18. Ladyy

    A New Betta

    I am looking to get a new betta over the weekend i have 2 in a 5 gallons each.. They are doing very well.. I also have a 3 gal empty and a 10 gal empty ... Im not sure yet which betta i would like to get.. Any suggestions?
  19. Ladyy

    New to the Forum

    Im New here. I have a 29 gallon freshwater tank and 3 betta tanks. I love fish. I hope to get a bigger tank soon and also would like to start a salt water tank. I am open to any advice on any of my tanks as i am fairly new to fish care. I have problems right now with levels in my 29 gallon...
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