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  1. BettasRule

    Writing Feedback

    So I'm kinda an amateur writer, mostly fanfiction if any of you've ever heard of it or read it... I've been trying to get some decent feedback on my stories, (and parents don't count because they ALWAYS say they love it...) and I wondered if any of you have ever written anything, or would be...
  2. BettasRule

    Help Pineconed Lethargic Betta

    So my male Betta that I've had for almost 2 years come this February, was really lethargic last night, lying on tank floor, heavy breathing, didn't want to eat. He's never been sick and he's not too old, (I've estimated roughly 3 years). Hasn't had any big changes other than moving to a new...
  3. BettasRule

    Question Possibly male Betta

    So I’ve had this particular betta for about a month, and I bought it as a female. Only yesterday I put her in a tank with a another female and a baby male. Now, I know that I should keep males and females separate, but this pair has been out of the ordinary from the start. When I first got...
  4. BettasRule


    I'm now finding my younger siblings to be extremely annoying. My younger sister, who just turned 13, just tonight wanted to have my Ipod to listen to my ASMR stuff. But I told her no, but she ended up ransacking my room, almost opening up my personal journal, and then found my USB with some of...
  5. BettasRule

    Storm Procedures?

    So we've had a some severe storm warnings in the past few weeks, and it made me start wondering what other peoples procedures are for storms. Do you take the fish out of the tanks and in separate containers if there is a warning? Or do you just leave them? My Bettas are in my bedroom on the...
  6. BettasRule

    How To Bring Ph And Alkalinity Down In A Betta Tank

    I just did a 50% water change in my male Betta's tank today, and tested the water maybe 7 hours later, and my PH and Alkalinity are reading really high. I get my water from a tile line by our house, and it's always been neutral in all aspects. Also, my females tank is reading the same, and it...
  7. BettasRule


    I'm a huge Tolkien nut, and I just recently found a site ( that provides phrasebooks in Sindarin and Quenya. So now I'm all hyped up over learning more phrases in Sindarin, particularly: Pen-channas, iston gin eithad be edhellen a nin. (Idiot, I can insult you in elvish and you...
  8. BettasRule

    What Do You Prefer To Use To Net Your Fish?

    When keeping fish, I noticed that using a plain old net and scooping them out of the water really stressed the fish out. For those few moments they were in the net, they were probably unable to breathe. So for that reason I prefer not to use nets when moving my Bettas. I was sent this handy...
  9. BettasRule

    Betta Fight

    So I noticed last night that my two females Bettas got into a fight. And the smaller one got the worst of it. Her left eye was red, I think it was bleeding a little, but she seemed alert, and ate her food once I separated her off. But this morning, she's lethargic, and her eye is really...
  10. BettasRule

    Gene Lucas

    I know this sounds weird coming from a high schooler, and I don't mean to brag, but has anyone ever spoken with or met with Gene Lucas? Or even recognize the name? My grandpa actually knows the guy, and I got to speak with him on the f
  11. BettasRule

    Deaf Kitten

    Has anyone else dealt with a partially deaf kitten before? I have a little girl, Estella Luna, or just Stella for short, and she's probably around 5 months old. Her mother had a history of deafness, and respiratory problems that I believe she contracted. Stella seems to have inherited all...
  12. BettasRule

    Help On Breeding Bettas

    I've been attempting to breed Bettas for probably about a year now, and I haven't had much success. Sometimes the male would have a beautiful bubble nest, but the female wouldn't be receptive. Or other times it was that the female was receptive, but the male would never build a bubble nest...
  13. BettasRule

    Feeding Bettas

    So I currently own 4 Bettas, 2 girls and 2 boys. I've had Bettas for several years and I've recently began getting more interested in what to feed my Bettas. Currently I rotate feeding them dried Bloodworms and two different rypesof Betta flakes. Where do you guys get your Betta food and...
  14. BettasRule

    Betta With Dropsy And Small Open Wound

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and relatively new to keeping Bettas. This is my second Betta with dropsy, she's under 2 years, a little over 1, I'm not sure exactly how old she is. I just noticed it earlier yesterday and immediately removed her from her tank, (Which incidentally was the same tank as...

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