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    120 Gallon Tank Powder Blue Tang. Ich.

    Just the words tang and ich make me cringe already. Well, my dad insisted on getting a powder blue tang for our 125 display tank. It's 6 feet long and the water parameters are almost always perfect. When we got this powder blue tang, he was in a QT tank for over a week. He seemed fine, no...
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    Question Reef Octopus NW-150 newly installed

    Hi. I just installed my Reef Octopus NW 150 in-sump skimmer. It overflowed on me twice and I just got the water level down to where it doesn't reach the collection cup. Is that too low? It's not overflowing anymore and it seems like it's pretty stable now. What happens when I do a water...
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    Help Diatoms taking over my tank

    I am still cycling my 125 gallon and currently, diatoms are taking over my tank and rocks. I know that they appear during the end of the cycle, but they are covering everything. To the point that the tank looks disgusting. LFS said I don't necessarily need a protein skimmer yet because I am...
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    120 Gallon Tank Good protein skimmer?

    What would be a good brand for my 125 g tank?
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    120 Gallon Tank First time set up

    Hi. I've recently bought a 125 g reef ready tank and I want it to be a saltwater tank since I already have a couple of freshwater. I've read a lot of things online but I want opinions from those who already have a set up. I know I'm going to need a lot of equipment and it's going to cost a lot...
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    20 Gallon Tank No bio fiber

    I got my tank and filter from a friend. However, the filter system doesn't have the bio fiber in it, just the used filter cartridge. I bought new ones but I was wondering if it's okay not to have the bio fiber stuff.
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    20 Gallon Tank New, old tank. Help please.

    So I have a 20 gallon set up right now. It used to be my friend's so the gravel, decor, pump, tank and filter has been used already. It's been empty for about a few weeks and yesterday we rinsed it out with just water so we can transport it to my house. I put water in it and treated it...

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