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    New Green Bubble Tip

    Hello! I got this green bubble tip anemone yesterday after thinking about it for awhile. My clownfish hosted a patch of GSP I had to remove and he seemed sad. Does it seem alright? Never kept an anemone before. Seems to get bigger and smaller but not deflating or inflating. Just opening and...
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    Accidental Breeding?

    Hello, One of my male honey Gourami’s has made a bubble nest, and is sporting quite vibrant coloration. I wasn’t expecting them to want to breed, so I’m not quite prepared, but I’d feel bad leaving them to die. I have brine shrimp eggs, if the babies will eat that. If not, the tank is covered...
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    180 Gallon Tank River Flow Tank Ideas

    Hello, I'm not sure what this post is, I guess just a journal. Better than shouting into the void. I am close to actually owning a house, so I am getting pretty excited about what I can keep. I'm moving far, but my brother wants my current tanks. Still, this is a few years out. No reason to...
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    Dead Nerite?

    Hello, Yesterday, and the whole year before that my nerite snail has been a wonderful and very active member of various tanks of mine. But today he’s like this? What’s wrong, did my old boy finally die? He’s “new” to this tank, but it’s the same water as the tank he’s lived most of his life in...
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    Trouble Telling Cherry Shrimp Gender

    Hello, I recently got 5 RCS in hopes to have a colony. I know you’re supposed to have a ratio of 1 boy to 3 girls and I asked the person at the store by getting more girls than boys. However I can’t tell if they did. I know the girls are bigger and rounded on the tail, but they’re all the same...
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    Green Water no Nitrates

    Hello, Not no nitrates, between 0 and 5ppm. Is that enough to have green water in a 2.5 gallon? If not what else could be causing the unbalance? It’s only a month or so old now. 5 red cherry shrimp. What should I do to clear up the water?
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    the X’s are the definite yeah that’s a pond snail clutch. But what are those chains of other eggs? I don’t have any other snails besides for one nerite? Are my honey Gouramis makin babies? I have 2 males and 4 girls but they are so new to the tank.
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    Heavily Bloated Thick Lipped Gourami

    Hello, I just got back from being out of town for a week, and I’m worried my thick lipped gourami has been severely overfed. It looks like it has dropsy, but every other fish is fine (if not fat) so I’d be reluctant to assume it’s an infection. Other than it being bloated, it behaves as it...
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    Multiple Warpaint Gobies

    Hello, My LFS recently got some green clown gobies / warpaint gobies. I took one home cause I love their colors, and heard they do really well in smaller tanks. All of those gobies were itty bitty, maybe 3/4 of an inch tops. My guy is between 1/2 and 3/4. Little guy is hiding as expected...
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    Growths on Hermit Shell

    Hello. Yesterday I got a hermit and a soon to be extra shell for it. However the shell has a few “growths” They look like Barnacles in miniature, at least some of them. If you’ve ever seen egg sacks of pond or bladder snails, that’s what the rest look like. The pseudo-barnacles look more...
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    Hermit eating “something”

    Hello, I got two electric blue hermit crabs yesterday. One was on the house cause he wasn’t doing too hot and I didn’t mind one dying cause free shell and there’s nothing else in the tank. Fed the other guy last night with that dried seaweed stuff and he’s been quite active. I’ve been watching...
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    Seeding Dry Rock with Live Rock

    Hello. I’m planning a low-low tech Xenia-only tank. I’m trying to keep it low budget, so using dry-rock would be a definite boost. However I love the little critters that come with real live rock. Therefore, I was wondering if I used some dry rock and got a little chunk of very live rock and let...
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    White on tetra eye

    Hello, I only noticed it yesterday, but figured it was injury cause these tetras get spunky at feeding time. However, he’s been lathargic and isn’t drawn to food. The white is raised, it’s only on his right eye. No other tetra has it. I’ve heard about eye flukes, fungus, and bacteria so that...
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    Honey Gourami in Community?

    I’ve had a male honey Gourami in a 10-gallon “growout” for about 3 months now. He hasn’t really grown at all, and I finally have some real plans for that 10-gallon so I was thinking about moving him into my 36-Bowfront community. Recently, I had a DG pass to DG disease and the tank just feels...
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    Tetras are getting too Aggressive?

    Hello, My tetras have always been rather “spunky”, they bullied shrimp for the short time I had them, and they pick at snails and sorta push their tank mates around. By getting another school of fish, similar size so maybe lemon or penguin tetra, would they straighten up or would I cause a gang...
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    Emergency: Bloated DG

    Tank 36 Gallons 4 Months 40 GPH Hang on back, 60 Gallon Rated Sponge Filter It has a heater 78 Degrees Stocked with: 8 Glowlight Tetras 5 Julii Corydoras 1 Synodontis Nigriventris 1 Rubber Lipped Pleco Pond Snails Maintenance Once a week 25% water changes Seachem Prime, used to use stress...
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    Howdy! I know we all enjoy a perfectly lit aquarium. It’s a beautiful sight. However, what about the inverse? I have a few questions. I am building a large tank. Not now, probably in a few years but we can dream eh? It’s gonna be about 900 gallons, excluding refugium and sump. However it’s...
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    Selling Fry

    Hello! I was thinking about setting up a breeding tank for either Electric or German blue rams. I think it’ll be a cool and rewarding process. (I don’t want to make too much of a profit, I’d rather just cover costs and then support my LFS). And I had a few questions about selling the fry. 1...
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    36 Gallon Stocking

    Hello! I wanted to know if my tank was very stocked or not, I have my eyes set on a school of Cories and was wondering if I could fit 4 or 5 pandas. current fish: 8 Glowlight Tetras 1 Rubber Lip Pleco 1 Dwarf Gourami 1 Dwarf Upside Down Catfish (He’s still in his grow out tank however.) I...
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    Will my UDC be safe?

    Hello, I recently got an Upside Down Catfish after being on a waitlist at my LFS for a while now. When they got him out from the back for me, he was a lot younger than I thought he’d be. He’s got a nice plump belly and looks very healthy, he’s just barely an inch long. I’m worried that if I put...
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