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    small saltwater tank

    Hey all, Is it really possible to have a ten gallon saltwater tank? If so, what equipment would I need? How would I set it up? What would I stock it with? Thanks! Emma
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    Woot! Won a complete 10 gallon set up

    I won some contest in Aquarium Fish magazine and got a complete 10 gallon set what to put in it muahaha. Suggestions?
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    Shredded angel

    Hi, my friend has a 29 gallon tank with 2 quarter sized angelfish, 2 male swordtails, 3 cories, and a small pleco, I couldn't tell what kind. The angels fins are getting shredded and I don't think it's finrot. If the other fish were chewing on them, would it be each other, or the swordtails maybe?
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    Coldwater bottom feeders

    Are there any coldwater bottom feeders? Like temp of 68-70...Can the little aquatic frogs be coldwater?
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    These are awesome!

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    Not a fish really, lol...Ghost Shrimp Breeding

    How do ghost shrimp breed?
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    What happened to AquaRank?

    Where's the AquaRank vote button? Or is it just my computer? I keep refreshing the page, going to different pages, but it is not there...
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    Tank Redecorating

    My pleco has shredded almost all my plants except the Wisteria is going strong and a bit of something is still hanging on...not for long, says Blink.  So the tank has been kind of bare.  I put in my old fake plants(which actually look very realistic), and it looks a lot greener and fuller.  Some...
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    Most expensive decor ever got???

    I didn't have to buy any of my decor except gravel I got the bridge and treasure chest for my birthday, and a friend gave me the petrified wood in the middle of the tank
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    Green Tiger Barb?

    Is this a true species or is it dyed?
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    Betta Tank 2.5 to 5 gallons?

    Anyone have a tank that would be suitable for a betta that they aren't using and would sell?  Anything 2.5 gallons to five gallons.
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    Ghost Shrimp food

    which would be best for ghost shrimp? I have 2 in a 1/2 gallon tank. Goldfish Flakes since they aren't tropical. Tropical Fish Flakes since they aren't goldfish. Algae Wafers since they are bottom feeders.
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    oh man...

    I just bought a special plant growth bulb for the dentist tank, thinking it was the right wattage (I don't know what I was looking at when I bought it) but it's only 15 watts for a 30 gallon tank.  This is not a low light plant tank.  There is one java fern, but everything else needs like at...
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    Another pregnant swordtail

    Yay! One of my two orange swords is pregnant! I hope she doesn't die like the silver one did... I let all the other fry out of the net, as they are now big enough, so she's in there now (and not looking too happy about it either)
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    Can one put coral from the ocean into a freshwater tank?

    Can one put coral from the ocean into a freshwater tank? The dentist I'm setting up the tank for would like to put some that she has, in there, but I don't know if that would be okay. I'm thinking not. ??
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    Yes Yes Yes! Installing Tank for Dentist

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! So now I can finally do something with my MTS!!!!! I convinced my dentists office to get a fish tank and I'm going to set it up and take care of it for them.  It's going to be anywhere from 29-55 gallons, but they said the bigger the better (I was thinking "this is going to be fun"...
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    Preferred euthanasia method

    How do you euthanize a sick fish? Lots of different opinions on this one. If I forgot something (I think I did) tell me and I'll add it
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    woot :-)

    yay my way pregnant female swordie just had fry--6 that I can see, and she's still really fat enormous they are sooooo cute!
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    oh dear :-(

    my male swordies are acting like they are going to die   Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate less than 5 plus I just did a water change with RO water (because my pH was higher than 8! Yes I acclimatized the swordies b4 ading them, 1/2 hr or so, and 1 female jumped out of the net ontothe floor, but she...
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    Am I missing somethig or is this: a 125 gallon with a little crack in the corner for 99 cents???!!!  No reserve, no shipping charges?! That just doesn't sound right!
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