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    Fall Auction: Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

    If you can make it, you'll find great deals on a great variety of fish, from breeders both local and from all over the USA. Read the link to learn more. ;D Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:33 pm Post subject: FALL AUCTION FLYER!!! Word Doc Format: Glenn
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    Buying a Beta Question

    I may be buying a male betta to go along with my 3 Emerald Cory's. When I go to various pet shops, they look terrible in their little containers. I will try to pick one up from a local breeder, but if I did go the pet shop route, besides torn or clamped fins, how do I pick a good one? I may just...
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    GCAS Auctions

    For those of you into long range planning here are the next two auction dates: April 8, 2006 October 14, 2006 The location will be the same as the last one; The Oasis Conference Center in Loveland, OH. For more info:
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    Octopus eats a Shark

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    Could/should I add a beta to my 29?

    You can see what fish I already have in my 29. Beta's are so pretty and I was thinking of adding one to the tank if you think it would flourish with the established tankmates. Didn't know if the longfinned white skirts would be compatible either. Your thoughts?
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    Dahly's Community Tank

    Here are the photo links to my community tank. Carol, feel free to do your majic! Enjoy!
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    My Multi's

    Picture are too big, apparently. Here's the links! Hope these work!
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    Worlds Smallest Fish

    Look what I found on CNN: Amazing!
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    One of my White Skirts has what appears to be warts on his body. Another seems to be starting too. Any ideas? I can't post pictures. Other than that, they are fine, normal. 0, 0, <5 . Thanks
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    What kind of filter for a 75 gallon?

    I am looking at 75 gallon tanks for cichlids, labs, johannies and that sort. I can pick one up for $100, used with glass lid and lights. What type of filter do you recommend? I like the Hagen Aquaclear power filter on my 29, but have thought about cannister filters too. I really have no idea, so...
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    Hi Craig!

    Just starting a thread that we can all use to send greetings to you! I'm out of rodent and snake stories currently, but don't want you to feel forgotten. So a hardy hello to you! And about setting up another fish tank.............. ;D
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    Feb. 11th GCAS swap meet

    Read all about it!
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    Happy New Year!

    To everyone who has helped me the past 4 months of my hobby experience and to all that are part of the Fishlore family, I wish you all the best in the coming year!  Happy New Year to all, and to all a goodnight!
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    Re: Multies, how many????

    That didn't take long! "I have plenty of them that you are welcome to..." _________________ John Sipes GCAS HAP Chair Resident plantgeek
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    Multies, how many????

    My 20h tank is nearly ready and the GCAS has two people looking to part with MultI juvies.  One local guy has up to 10 available, but due to the time of year, it will be another week before we could get together.  Now someone else, 4 hours away, will be in town tomorrow with 5.  I can wait and...
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    Keeping snakes

    When I was a teenager I caught two garter snakes in my back yard an kept them for about a year in an old tank with a screen lid. I had a dirt substrate and a coupe of sticks of assorted sizes. I fed them earth worms every other day. It was always so cool when they would shed their skin. They...
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    Adding Fish

    I think about adding fish at least weekly! I am anxiously awaiting word from a GCAS member as to when he is available to part with some Multi's. I'm all set to go: Tank, sand, rock, water, filter, thermo, even a fake plant or two. I love this hobby!
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    Multi tankmates?

    I currently have two filters going on my 29, trying to seed my Whisper 20 for my 20 gallon that I want to set up.  A local member of the GCAS has multI fry he is looking to part with.  I am looking to pick them up when my tank has cycled.  I added two JuliI catfish to my tank (29) today and know...
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    Tank size most desired, and why?

    From newbies to experienced hobbyists, from time to time the thought of a new, larger tank crosses our minds.  Whether we want to try new varieties of fish or just want more of them, the thought of a larger tank is always "bubbling" in our heads.  Here's a chance to cast a vote and express you...
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    Ich in my tank

    Last night I noticed 2 white Skirts and 1 Neon with white spots, presumably Ich. From my readings, I will do a 20% water change and add the medication. I won't use malachite green, as it is "hard on scaleless fish like catfish and other fish such as tetra's." ( I'll...
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