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    Stored rodi water

    How long can rodi water be stored.I use a RO buddy 100gpd unit, I normally make 10 gallons a week (fluval 13.5).I use one 5 for my ato reservoir and the 2nd 5 for my weekly wc, usually 2 gallons.My issue is when I get to the 2nd bucket it measures 1- 2 ppm on my tds meter from zero a few days...
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    Chemipure elite

    Fishlore not sure if I’m in the right place for this but could chemi pure elite cause white mucus like slime in my tank ?
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    What do y’all think, CAE ready to spawn?

    I have 6 of these guys in my 75g ebjd tank got them just to keep my tank in shape so didn’t care of sex or any of that but these 2 stay together and I’m noticing one of them is a little plump could it be a pair that’s ready to have baby’s ?
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    Ai prime 16hd

    Hey fl,so 3 months ago today I jumped into the world of salt . I’ve been keeping fw for a few yrs now, so I have the basic understanding of what’s going on and what needs to happen in my tanks.I have an evo 13.5 and in it I have 2 small clowns and 12 different coral frags. I purchased an ai 16hd...
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    I’m being told I should add salt every water change - is that true?

    Hey FL ,in my travels the past few weeks to a few out of state fish stores,I’ve learned about fish keepers using salt in their aquarium.I don’t use salt never have. I’ve heard about using it for ich and such but have had no need .I’m being told I should add salt every water change ,is that true...
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    The cycle

    Ok FL so 3 weeks ago my lfs found me some ebjd. I wasn’t expecting them so I really didn’t have a tank ready for fish,but I’ve been hunting for these guys so when I got the call I ran and picked them up.I’m using a 55g for a grow out tank here’s my issue.not being ready I used very established...
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    Not sure what’s going on

    Ok so this guppy has changed color completely I’ve had them about a yr in the same tank and all of a sudden he looks like this he used to look like the one he is sparring with I don’t know what is going on and why does it have the raised scales by its top fin
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    EBJD tank mates

    So I have these 4 ebjd s all about 1” they are in a 55g alone at the moment was wondering what I can add to this tank maybe one or two was thinking some sort of cat fish that doesn’t grow to big to fast any suggestions
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    EB jack Dempsey

    Loving these little guys
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    Electric blue jack Dempsey

    Does anyone here have any experience with these fish I’m about to purchase 6 but I’ve been told they are sickly fish and won’t survive more than a few months if there’s anyone out there that can attest to this or otherwise I’d love to hear it
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    Stocking new 55g

    Ok fish lore here we go again.I’ve been looking for some electric blue jack dempsey’s for a while now,last night my lfs owner calls me and informs me that he has 6 1” juvenile electric blues very happy. My issue is my tank has only been up for about 10 days today with 15 feeders in it to cycle...
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    Maintaining PH

    Hey y’all,I’m looking into some shell dwellers for a 55g.It is said they need a PH of 7.6-8.0.My tap is neutral and drops to around 6.8 after its degassed.What is the best method of raising and maintaining PH.I don’t want to use any chemicals I want a set it and forget it kinda thing.
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    New plants

    Good morning FL,quick plant question. I recently picked up some new plants for my 55g setup,they have been in the tank a week now and some of the leafs are brown.Should I cut the brown leafs off?the plants were purchased in this condition the last two they had.also they are pretty tall some...
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    Need to add some to my collection

    Does anyone know where I can find some of these fish for sale Channa Bleheri (rainbow snakehead)
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    New 55 Gallon Stocking

    Ok,so I have this tank just picked it up pics’s a 55g and I have everything I need .fx4 plus a 60g sponge,48”current sat. Led and I put in some pool filter sand.I haven’t added any water or decor yet because I don’t know what I want.this is my 6th tank and I want a species only but...
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    How do shrimp spawn? Will they all mix up with each other?

    Morning FL I have a 10g tank that I set up with shrimp.I purchased 9 in total blue,red and orange.I’m noticing a few new guys in here little red ones. how do shrimp spawn?will they all mix up with each other?will I start to see babies with the other colors?how many do they have at a time and is...
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    Breeding betta

    Hey,I have a female betta that is definitely holding eggs u can actually see one on her underside.two days ago I put her in a clear glass vase and dropped it in my 10g with my male so they can get ready for each other.Today makes morning number 3 and the male has yet to attempt making a bubble...
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    Betta species

    Morning FL I recently picked up a nice male betta for my 10g shrimp tank can anyone tell me what type it is I have two females in a community tank I would like to breed them but want to know of his species what type he is my wife was told half moon I’m leaning towards crown tail can anyone help
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    Can oak tree branches be added to an aquarium

    Can oak tree branches be added to an aquarium ?will they have any adverse effects on the water or live stock ?
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    Triple red cacatuoides

    quick story then question.ok so 10 days ago I picked up 8 triple reds the lfs told me they probably wouldn’t breed they are picky fish so I just put them in my community tank with many other fish a 160g and to my surprise as of yesterday I have a spawning pair she layed a lot of eggs on the rock...
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