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    cleaning a 10 gallon

    ok...I am getting some really mixed advice, but seem to trust you all more than my local aquarium store. I think they are giving me really bad advice, just to make me buy more when something goes wrong. They keep telling me I only need to change water every 3-4 weeks about 50%water change...
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    can a fish NOT deliver fry?

    Ok, I have posted before about my dalmation molly being pregnant, we have tried the breeder net, she has been in there now for over 3 days. Honestly it seems like she has been this big now for well over a month. Can something be wrong? She is eating fine, she seems well, can there be a problem...
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    Plecostomus does not want to eat algae?

    We just recently bought a plecostomus due to a high algae problem...he seems to be sitting on the bottom of the tank in this "shark" mouth that we have and rarely comes out. He seems very lonely, we have 2 female mollies and one male, should we get another plecostmous to join it? We only have a...
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    breeder net verses breeder box?

    Any suggestions on the breeder net verses the breeder box. I bought a breeder net today for my dalamation molly that is about to have her fry soon and it just seems like a much bigger area than the actual box, (plus much cheaper). The box looked so confusing to me. Can you put more that one...
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    Molly is pregnant? Need advice

    Just recently got an aquarium in January so I am very new at this. It was for our son because he loves fish. We bought 2 female mollies and 1 male (as recommended). One of the females looks pregnant but seems like she has been for a while now. Most sites are saying they should bear the live fish...
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