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    Does anyone have eye rot medication recommendations?

    Hi, One of my rainbow fish in my 40g is dealing with eye rot and my current treatment (API Melafix) did not do anything. I've previously used API Fin and Body Cure for fin rot and it's worked wonders, however, after searching 3 fish stores and amazon, I've been unable to find it. Additionally I...
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    Fin rot or nipping?

    This one rainbow fish has had ragged fins and has been acting weird for months. None of my other fish display signs of fin rot (except maybe one but I’m not sure because his fins have always been bad.) Up until today his fins were mostly normal but a little raggedy, but today I woke up and they...
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    How should I cool my 40 gallon in the summer?

    Hi, I recently got a 40 gallon aquarium and I was wondering how I could cool it during the summer. It has an aqueon versa top and is ~subtropical. It has a hang on back filter. A lot of the chillers are expensive and I'm dubious of some of the chillers and cooling fans on amazon (many of them...
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    What intensity of lights would be best for my tank?

    Thank you for the information! I have a breeder tank.
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    My platy is getting attacked ):

    I'm not the most experienced fishkeeper, but I'd say he'd probably do best in the 2 female tank, depending on its size.
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    What intensity of lights would be best for my tank?

    Hi, I've been trying to find better lights for my plants, but the information I'm finding is inconsistent. I have plants with medium light requirements in a 40 gallon tank. I'm currently considering a light with 1770 lumen. Is that good enough? If not, what number should I be looking for. Thank...
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    Rotala indica with large brown patch-what should I do?

    Hi! I have a rotala indica with a pretty big brown patch on the middle/bottom of a few stems. I’m hesitant to clip them because I don’t want to ruin the plant. It also has some small growths near the bottom, but I’m still not sure if I should clip them or not. Will the affect the well-being of...
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    Unidentified clear mesh-y tubes floating in my tank

    that seems to be it. Could it have anything to do with a cloudy water problem I've been having recently? I had driftwood in the tank for a while but took it out because of that stuff. It isn't in the tank right now, so I don't think so.
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    Unidentified clear mesh-y tubes floating in my tank

    Yes, I have a java fern and rotala indica
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    Unidentified clear mesh-y tubes floating in my tank

    Haha! Thankfully, they don't appear to be alive. They could just be some muck but I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything harmful.
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    Unidentified clear mesh-y tubes floating in my tank

    Hi, Every so often I see these tubes floating around in my aquarium. They're delicate and when I take them out of the water they have the consistency of slime. I always take them out but a new one always shows up soon enough (maybe a day or two between.) Does anyone know what these are? Thank...
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    Rainbow fish erratic swimming

    If I remember right, something similar happened to one of my rainbows when I first got them a few years ago. Looking back on pictures I think he had hole in the head, but I'm not entirely sure. This could be something different, but I hope it helps.
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    Does this look like a parasite or disease to anyone??

    I have this video of them in motion. You can really see it around 00:10ish
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    Does this look like a parasite or disease to anyone??

    thats what most people are saying and what it looks like to me. I should probably just keep an eye on it. I'm pretty stressed and paranoid from my other sick loach. I couldnt find any similar pictures on the internet so im really not sure what to think about it.
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    Does this look like a parasite or disease to anyone??

    I've posted about this before but im not convinced that it isn't an illness or parasite of some kind. Maybe im being paranoid because my other fish came in very sick but does this look AT ALL like any kind of parasite, illness, or disease you've seen before? Thank you in advance.
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    Is my weather loach okay? (possible fin rot)

    Hi, I recently got 2 weather loaches. One is doing great and is very active, the other has been spending a lot of time buried. Considering the stress from being brought to a new tank, I thought I would just wait it out. However, his top fin seems very damaged and has definitely gotten worse...
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    40 Gallon Tank Is my Rotala Wallichii dead?

    does that mean my other plant will eventually melt, or not necessarily? I remember when I was buying them they were in the same tank. I'm assuming this problem comes from wrong water parameters?
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    40 Gallon Tank Is my Rotala Wallichii dead?

    Hi, A few weeks ago I got my first live plants, Rotala Indica and Rotala Wallichii. The Indica is doing great and I've even been able to get new growths from clippings, however I'm not sure about the Wallichii. The leaves are brown and thin but I can't tell if that's because it's meant to be a...
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    Skills gained from keeping fish?

    haha that totally makes me think of how some movie detectives will wipe something with their finger, sniff it, and go, "yep, that's ______."
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