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    I love plecos also! He hides and is very well camouflaged against the dragon wood. I have a few videos but I don’t see a way to post them. Below is a photo of him when we first got him. He’s hard to see on the second photo but he’s there on the Mopani wood. Thanks! My son is a zoo keeper and he...
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    He’s tough to get photos of! I posted some that I already have.
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    Ghost knife tank mates

    I have a 5” ghost knife, currently in a 72 gallon community tank. I’m starting a build for a 180 gallon tank for him, and I am looking for advice on tank mates. I’ll probably move my royal pleco (about 3”) in with him, since they seem to get along well. Currently, we have a couple of Siamese...
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    I am very glad to find this forum! I am still learning about taking care of my fish and aquatic plants, and this forum has been really helpful. We live in Alaska, so resources are a bit scarce but there is a really good aquarium store in town. Currently, I have a 72 gallon tank with a ghost...
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