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    Hikari or Imagitarum

    In addition to blanched vegies and assorted flake food I feed my tanks (fish and shrimp) Hikari Crab Cuisine and Imagitarium Tropical Micro Pellets. I got the Hakari mainly because everyone raves about Hakari products. I got the Imagitarium because I was looking for some small sinking pellet...
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    CO2 and non CO2 comparison

    I thought it might be interesting, for those considering CO2 to compare growth of the same plants planted at about the same time. One in a non CO2 tank and one in a tank with CO2. The first picture is purple cryplocoryn windii without CO2 and the 2nd picture is the same plant in a with CO2...
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    Too much fert??

    When it comes to terrestrial plants its pretty easy to burn them with too much fertilizer. Worse case they turn yellow then just die. With minimum over-fertilizing you will get brown tips on the leaves. Has anyone ever experienced what they thought was damage to their aquarium plants from too...
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    Sometimes you feel like a nut,,,and sometimes you dont

    Today I was doing a routine water change on my 10 gallon tank planning to change out almost 5 gal. Had my good water ready to go. So i siphoned out the dirty water into my dirty water bucket. Trimmed a few plants etc. while the water level was down. Got ready to put the clean water in so I...
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    Cool ramshorn color morph

    I have one tank with blue ramshorn snails in it but I am getting some pretty cool morphs out of them. Here are a couple of pics of a yellow ramshorn. The pictures arent great and dont really show how vibrant the yellow color is. Im not sure how common this is but Ive never seen one.
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    Osmocote plus shells in tank?

    Ive been using Aquarium co-ops root tabs. They are ok but I dont believe they are great and I was thinking about trying osmocote plus. I like the fact that it is time released and will last longer. What im not crazy about is the little resin shell remains after the fertilizer is consumed. So...
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    White cloud capture advice

    a couple of month ago a bought 5 white cloud minnows to put into a tank that had cycled and was just aging, to get it ready for shrimp. I only put them in it because I found I had mosquito lava in it. So now I have a nice looking heavily planted tank and hardscape and no clue how to get the...
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    Shrimp color question

    My shrimp are what the breeder calls fire red cherries? Are these a morph of a red cherry or is a red cherry a morph of the fire red? Or are they really just the same thing? It looks to me like a cherry red is more of a red and translucent broken pattern. The fire red cherries are a solid red...
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    Shrimp color morphs

    Ive had my red cherries for about 2 months now and I have 3 different groups of young shrimplets. I can already tell that there are some color morphs from the red cherry color. Some look more like a chocolate color, some more like a rili and some cherry reds. But what I was wondering is there...
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    Shrimp with snails

    Im wondering how easy it is to keep a large sail population with caridina shrimp. The reason I ask the question is that keeping the PH down to 6 - 6.5 for the shrimp would leave the water lacking enough calcium to build the snails shells and even cause erosion in snails added to the tank. Is...
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    Bacteria in a bottle

    There are a number of products on the market, like Tetra's SafeStart Plus as an example, that are sold to help jump start and speed up your cycle by introducing bacteria. How is it possible for a bottled product to contain living bacteria for months? Bacteria need nutrients and oxygen (most...
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    Aloe Vera in planted tanks

    I know that there are some products that use aloe vera as a component. I was wondering if anyone had ever directly added 100% aloe to their tanks and if they saw any benefits or complications from it.
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    New set up pictures

    Just thought I share some pics of my newest tank. Its 10 gal. laterite capped with black pea gravel. No CO2 with light ferts twice a week. Reasonably bright lighting. The only issue I had through cycling was green water that went away after about two weeks of heavy floating plant coverage...
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    Help with possible ich

    I noticed one of my rainbows flash a couple of times on a leaf. Both times he rubbed the front of his mouth against the leaf. Looking really close it looks like he has one tiny speck of something on the top of his lip. Its so small I would never had seen it if it were not for the flashing...
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    Surprise in the shrimp tank

    About three weeks ago I added 8 red cherry shrimp to one of my tanks. It already had some amanano shrimp in it. Its a very heavily planted tank and since I put them in I have never seen more than 6 of them at at time. I have never seen any that appeared to be berried but yesterday I spotted...
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    KH/GH Question

    I have a 10 gal tank that I have cycled and plan to have neocaridina shrimp when its aged enough. But Ive got some whacky KH/GH readings, at least I think. My KH is 8-9 and the GH is 10-11, What is going on that would cause the KH to be almost as high as the GH? In contrast my other tank is...
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    Experience with green water

    About 4-5 week ago I set up a 10 gal tank to be used for a quarantine tank. Low tech planted set-up with low light slow growing plants but with some pretty bright lighting. Within a couple of weeks my water went green, dark green. Since I wasn't in any hurry I decided to work it as naturally...
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    Question on cycling tank

    I see frequently here on the board people recommending to others that they do large water changes to reduce ammonia during the cycling of tanks. In a fish in cycle that makes some since to prevent the ammonia from getting higher than the fish can tolerate. However in a fishless cycle it would...
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    Blue eye fork tails settling in

    Ive had by blue eye forktails for about 10 days now and I love them. They have colored up and are really beautiful and the males are stunning little guys when they display to each other over a female. They are very active rarely stopping small fish that seem to only feed from the top 2/3 of...
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    Shrimp breeding question

    I understand that mixing various neocaridina varieties together , for example cherry reds and blues, will result, within a generation or two, in young that are natural colors. More drab greys ect. There are several cherry reds available from breeders. Some marked as straight cherry reds, some...
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