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    Turquoise severum tank mates (aggressive)

    We have a somewhat aggressive severum that we can’t get to be with any tank mates nicely. She’s about 2 (got her about a month ago) and 5” in length. Have tried her in a 55 with a 3” Jack Dempsey, 3” fire mouth and 3” red head severum. Was very aggressive to the fire mouth and ended up killing...
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    New 100 Gallon set up

    Recently 4 jewel cichlids fell into our laps and where stuck in a small 20gallon tank. Couldn’t have that so we bought a used 100gallon tank and have been setting it up and building a stand for it for the past week. Nows it’s setup almost ready for fish. Still needs some decor and lots of plants...
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    What fish are these?

    Another fish id post, backstory we went to pickup a 10 gallon tank setup that was supposed to have a few guppies (wanted the 10 gallon as a quarantine tank) when we got there the few guppies ended up being about 75 mostly babies in a poor tank condition. Also when we got there the owner said...
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    New to forum and back to fish keeping

    Hey everyone hope you are all doing great! We have a small farm/ranch in Oregon and decided to add more animals lately. I grew up with a 250 gallon tank until I was 16 and now we are 30 and want back into it. About 4 months ago I stumbled upon a free 50 gallon tank with everything minus water...
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