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    Help Wrasse Id

    So I wen to a local LFS and noticed they had 2 wrasse. Both labeled as "flasher/ fairy wrasse". Now I can tell one is for sure not either a flasher or a fairy but appears to be closer to a Halichoeres Sp., but the other looks like a fairy but I couldn't ID it. Anyone know, or have a suggestion...
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    Im25 Lagoon Build Thread

    Alright so this'll be my first reef tank, well any sort of saltwater tank. I've been keeping freshwater tanks for some time now and I want to try something more challenging. Plus saltwater seems a bit more appealing to me as well. I've been doing lots of research and watching many of the Marine...
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    Dwarf Cory In 20 Gal

    I need help with deciding which dwarf Cory want for my 20 Gallon long. It’s between pygmaeus and habrosus. I’ve heard that habrosus isn’t as shy as pygmaeus though. Any recommendations on which to keep if I want to see them often?
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    High Output Light Fixture To Use

    I'm setting up a 20 gallon long soon. I'm still in the process of gathering all my equipment though. I'm planning on getting lights next. Currently I'm thinking 2 Kessil A80 Tuna Suns. But I've seen mixed reviews for it. Is their any light fixtures anyone would recommend for a tank that'd be...
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    20 Gal Long Stock Help

    I'm planning on doing a 20 gallon long heavily planted. I need some help or advice on knowing to decrease or increase schools, or it'll work. From my many hours of research it should work. Stock: 2x Red Lip Nerites 1x Pagoda Snail 5x Amano Shrimp 10x Red RilI Shrimp 9x Rummynose Tetras...
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    20 Gallon Planted Rummynose Build

    I'm onto my next aquarium build. Which is an community tank centered around rummynose tetras (Hemigrammus Bleheri). I decided to start this build thread because other people's opinions would really help this turn out the best. It will take me a month or so to get to the point of cycling the tank...
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    Bolivian Ram With Dwarf Corys?

    I'm thinking of rescaling my 30 Gallon, as well changing some of the stock. Still just thoughts though. Would a Bolivian Ram and 12-16 of any of the 3 dwarf Cories get along together?
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    Planted 5.5 Gallon Stocking

    I've had this 5.5 Gallon for a few months, so it's fully cycled. It started out as holding a few Ghost Shrimp and a nerite then to a betta added in. The betta eventually got its own planted tank, shrimp moved out to a 10 gallon. Then a 2nd snail and 2 very very small amanos. (The second snail...
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    Possible Ich In Tank

    Past 3 days I've noticed 2 white spots on 1 of my Pristella Tetras fin. As well as 1 on my other Pristella tetra. Upon noticing it I removed the Carbon from my filters and used 2 doses of metroplex from SeaChem (inverts in tank, 30 gallon) the single white spot on the second mentioned tetra...
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    10 Gallon With Sparkling Gouramis

    Recommended tanks mates for a heavily planted, low slow rate, 10 Gallon with sparkling gouramis? Setting up a 10 Gallon soon and I like the look of sparkling gouramis. Just need some tank mates ideas to go with them. How many would be very helpful as well. But the sparkling gouramis are a must...
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    African 75 Gallon Oddball Tank

    Next summer I am planning on making a African style 75 Gallon aquarium. I've done research but I'd like second opinions and help to refine it so it turns out the best. It'll be more of a Central or West African design. Since the East African designs are more commonly seen opposed to the other...
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    Help With Botia Striata

    My Botia striata has been doing great since I got him almost 2 weeks ago. My aquarium has been cycled and he was the last addition to my 30 Gallon. He's usually around this one corner until he decides to rummage about. But I got home tonight and fed the fish. After a minute or 2 he's typically...
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    Male Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish Chasing Other Male

    The dominant neon dwarf rainbowfish in my tank is chasing the smaller less dominant male. The dominant one has a gold stripe down his head, so I'm guessing he's ready to mate. They're in a community tank with other fish but the dominant male only bothers the less dominant male. Is there any way...
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    Red Rainbowfish Gills

    Today I looked at my fish and noticed their gills were more red than usual. They aren't looking very bad but are still more red than regular. This is especially visible in my Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish. My Otos seem fine, as well as my pearl gourami, Zebra loach, and my Black Phantom Tetras. I added...
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    Aqueon Quietflow 30 In 30 Gal High Output

    I'm using a Aqueon QuietFlow 30 in my 30 Gallon tank. But the current it's creating is too strong. Any recommendations on how to weaken the current?
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    Clear Water Smelling A Bit Fishy

    I have a friend who's tank is smelling a bit fishy or earthy. What could cause this and how to fix it? I'm thinking a larger water change than usual and to upgrade filtration.
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    Top Level Dwellers For 30 Gal

    I currently have a community tank mainly based around South American fish. But I have very little top dwellers. My X-Ray Pristella Tetras stay top-middle level but that's about it. My pearl gourami will go to the top occasionally and hangout swimming around the plants. My pH is about 6.8-7, my...
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    Livestock Recommendations For Planted 30 Gal

    I currently have a half stocked 30 Gallon planted tank. Current Livestock: -5x Black Phantom Tetras -3x Red Eye Tetras (To be transferred soon) -2x Faunus Ater Snails -7x Necrodina Davidi/Heteropoda Shrimp -2x X-Ray Pristella Tetras -3x Ghost Shrimp I am planning on getting 4 more X-Ray...
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