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    10 Gallon Tank Lowering Salinity Level

    When doing ur water change just mix ur new water at a lower salinity
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    'Upgrade' skimmer for Fluval Sea Evo

    I have an evo 13.5 up and running a few months now I did purchase the skimmer which I don’t use because I also purchased the in tank media baskets great upgrade by the way my tank is mostly corals a few invertebrates and 2 clown fish so no need for the skimmer as of now but what is important is...
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    Stored rodi water

    I think it’s my bucket for sure I use a Myron ultra pen so I’m sure of my readings but have no idea what the contaminant is
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    Stored rodi water

    How long can rodi water be stored.I use a RO buddy 100gpd unit, I normally make 10 gallons a week (fluval 13.5).I use one 5 for my ato reservoir and the 2nd 5 for my weekly wc, usually 2 gallons.My issue is when I get to the 2nd bucket it measures 1- 2 ppm on my tds meter from zero a few days...
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    Chemipure elite

    I removed it also and my tank cleared up by the time I returned home from work I didn’t take any photos I was in a rush that morning but talking to my local fish guy he stated my tank is TO CLEAN and the fact I have no nitrates or phosphates could of caused my issue
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    Chemipure elite

    Yes I’ve been running it for about 3 months now and this is my first issue I’m not sure if it’s the problem but it’s the only thing in my sump
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    Chemipure elite

    I fed my corals last night like I normally do and have been for the last 3 months but this morning before leaving for work I see my tank is very cloudy and has mucus everywhere I have nothing in my sump but live rock 2 sponges and chemi pure which was completely covered in thick clear slime so I...
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    Chemipure elite

    Fishlore not sure if I’m in the right place for this but could chemi pure elite cause white mucus like slime in my tank ?
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    DD Auto TopUp

    Clean off the sensor
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    Why is my fish skinny?

    What are ur water parameters ?
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    Fluval Evo 13.5 journal (salt water beginner)

    Try this it works very well 0 tds from my kitchen sink hook it up let it run for about an half hour or so and then start filling ur bucket when ur done unscrew it and put it away I have the same tank and keep 5g salt and 5g rodi on hand but one of the more important pieces of equipment u should...
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    What do y’all think, CAE ready to spawn?

    I have 6 of these guys in my 75g ebjd tank got them just to keep my tank in shape so didn’t care of sex or any of that but these 2 stay together and I’m noticing one of them is a little plump could it be a pair that’s ready to have baby’s ?
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    Petco Coral ID

    The first pic is a zenia and the second not to sure but I believe some kind of leather
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    Anemone dying????

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    EB jack Dempsey

    Well my 4 month update on the ebjd’s they are now in a 75g and growing fast they are in there alone due to the fact YES they are every bit jd these guys will eat anything u put in the tank with them
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    Zoa polyp closed tight turning brown

    You need to check ur alk and calcium
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    No water from RO

    What’s ur water pressure some of these systems have an operating pressure range
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    Clownfish tank don't know where to start, need tips & advice.

    Amazon has a few different counter top types I have a RO buddie from brs works great 100 gallons per day I keep 5 gallons ro and 5 salt mix for my wc
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    Fishless Cycle Advice

    Add some Fritz 900 turbo start and in a day or two ur good
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    Fluval Evo 13.5 journal (salt water beginner)

    Great choice on the tank I have one got it for Christmas the setup out of the box is good for two maybe three fish and the light can grow a nice range of corals depending on placement but there are a few upgrades that I made and make a world of difference first the flow u have a wave maker but I...
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