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    German blue ram sex

    I was hoping someone could help me sex these two rams. Sold to me as male and female from lfs. Seem young to me, the one with a solid black dot was said to be the male. But he also has a very big pink belly. Does the pink belly show in juveniles? Both almost an inch long.
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    Brackish tank to Oscar tank

    I am looking into getting a oscar for my now empty brackish tank. It use to house a Figure 8 puffer, but I am looking to covert to an Oscar tank. My main question and concerns is the salinity of the tank is currently at .008, is this enough salintiy to cause harm to a oscar. Over the next week...
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    F8 Puffer Ich

    Got a F8 puffer from my LFS a few days ago. Came in with some fin nips and damage to his back and sides from being shipped with 6 other puffers. Am treating with melafix for the fins and wounds. Today I noticed about 6-8 white spots on his back and am thinking it may be ich. I have began to...
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    F8 Puffer Meds

    My Lfs recently got in some Figure 8 Puffers so I had to pick one up. The guy there told me they were shipped 6 puffers all in one bag and they got a bit nippy. The one I got has some damage to his fins, some damage on his back and side. Lfs had been treating them with API Melafix for the...
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    F8 Puffer unhappy

    Yesterday I decided to bring home an F8 puffer from my lfs. Little after getting him in his tank he began surfing the glass, would stop to eat but goes right back at it. He is in full freshwater as that is what I was told he was in when sold to me. I will post water parameters below but could...
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    30 Gallon Tank High Nitrates in tap water

    Just did a water test on my tap water because I noticed my tank was staying around 40ppm of nitrates, 0ppm ammonia and nitrites, ph is around 7.2-7.5. My tap water is testing 40ppm of nitrates also. Is this nitrate level too high? Tank is stocked with 2 angels 2 guppies an 2 plecos atm. 30...
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    Angelfish bully

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 2 Angels, 2 guppies and 2 bristlenose plecos. I received the angels a little over a week ago and have noticed one bullying the other. The bully is about 2 inches and the other is about an 1 an a half inches. The smaller angel hides in a log cave and is chased and...
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