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    20 Gallon Tank Best bottom feeders

    In a 20L I would pick out 2 or 3 scavengers. My personal choices would be a siamese algae eater, corydoras and/or kuhli loach. No plecos for a 20g tank, they tend to get too big. I don't buy-in to what most say that you need 3-6 of each species for them to be 'happy'. They're fish, they are...
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    The Betta Diet Master Guide

    Bettas are great, but if you keep more than 1 male (in separate containers) life gets complicated if you decide to go away on vacation for a couple of weeks. Good luck finding a fish-keeper to take care of them properly. Not being negative, just realistic. If you have one male in a community...
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    Pink Sore or Abrasions on Three Spot Gourami

    Looks like a nice Opaline Gourami to me. I'd suspect abrasion wounds at first. Add it to a clean hospital tank without plants or gravel and closely observe if it gets worse before any further treatment.
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    Best Metal 40B Double Stack Stand?

    If you can get a decent stand that will hold 2 40Bs for $100, I would personally jump on that. I can certainly do something with cinder blocks and 2x4s for about $30, but it's bulky and not aesthetically pleasing, strictly for function and not eye-appeal - belongs in a breeding room/basement...
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    55 Gallon Tank Help With Fishless Cycling (Ammonia Not Dropping/No Nitrites/Nitrates)

    Any one or a combination of the below will help you. 1. If any of your friends have an established tank with the same filter cartridge - give them a brand new one and use their old one for cycling (if you're lucky enough to find that situation). If not, just ask them for a couple gallons from...
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