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    cloudy water in few hours after water change.. snails only tank

    I have tons of unwanted snails that I am keeping in a small 3 gallon till I can figure out what to do with them.. 50 MTS and one 2.5" golden apple snail I am new to snails.. I change the water with filtered water everyday because it gets so cloudy and full of poop and again in hours it is...
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    Huge Apple Snail Identify Plz

    Hey guys I have a huge apple snail that I can not keep any more. he is around 2.5 inches I was wondering if someone could identify the species and also if anyone knows where I can sell it and what is a fair price for it..
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    3 Gallon Low Maintenance setup Beta + Apple + Malaysian Trumpet Snail

    Hey Guys, I have a tiny 3 Gallon cube one Beta fish and one tiny little orange fish I am not sure what it is. some gravel at the bottom , I have an okay filtration and good LED lighting I bought some plants on ebay and got got a 1.5" Apple snail and whole lot of Malaysian Trumpet Snail...
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