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    Calcium for Nerite snails

    Hey guys. So I recently bought 2 nerite snails as I decided I need a bit of a mini clean up crew with my algae. I’ve put one in my 5.5G tank which houses a betta and the other in a 10g with some harlequin rasboras and honey gourami. There both very cycled btw. Perimeters are both ammonia=0...
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    Harlequin death

    hey guys so I will start off with my water conditions, it is a 10 g cycled non planted with 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and under 10 Nitrate. only fish in the tank is 5 harlequin rasboras (now 4) that l got about 3 weeks ago. before this fish died, a week earlier as I was feeding him(omega freshwater...
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    10g stocking options

    Hello! i have a cycled non live planted 10g tank that currently has a betta. and i jus wanted to know your guys opinions on what i am thinking about stocking options. I also have a cycled 5g(not live planted). for the 10 g tank, i want to put pygmy (dwarf) corys and some white cloud mountain...
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    Help!! Ammonia stuck at same spot during cycle

    Hey guys, I'm quite new to owning fish but I have somewhat a little bit of knowledge, I've been fish less cycling my 10 g tank for 3 months yes ik long time, but I made the mistake to stop putting ammonia in. My source of ammonia is fish food as where I live I don't have access to actual...
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