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  1. J

    Where can I find Multis?

    Hey all, I was just wondering were they sell multies. ??? Thanks in advance ;D Joe
  2. J

    New Cichlids

    Hey all, I got my 55gal. set up and took out the danios and put in 2 electric yellows, 2 red zebras, and 1 johanni. Just wanted to tell you that. Also any suggestions on other fish would help, see ya later, Joe
  3. J

    4 Platy Fry, Yes!

    My Mickey mouse male platy and my sunset platy are always breeding. The sunset is a female and had some babies in the past 2 days(not sure because I was at my dads house) I put them into my 10 gal. tank. Any advice would help. I am pretty experienced in breeding but still could use some advice...
  4. J

    Holey Rock

    just wonderin were I can find some holey rock I didnt see any at petsmart or petco but maybe they were out . If anyone knows that would be dandy Joe
  5. J

    Sick Sailfin Molly

    Hey, I have a Sick Sailfin molly. I seperated from my community tank to my 10 gal. so I could treat him. he has ick. and I treated him. He doesn't act any different , he just has spots. I don't know what to do I have treated him twice with ick clear by jungle. He has only lost a few dots. Any...
  6. J


    Hey, just wondering if driftwood caused the ph to go down. Cause I got a couple pieces with plants growing on them. After I got it I read that it did make it go down. Thanks Joe
  7. J

    new 55 gallon tank

    I just set up my 55 gal. today. I put in 50 lb. of gravel and then two big holey rocks. also two peices of drift wood with plants growing on them. and two amazon swords. I found some weird centipeed,catapillar looking think on one of my leaves of the amazon sword, any ideas on what that is? Also...
  8. J

    Crazy amount of baby snails

    I got some fish at petco about 3 weeks ago and they accidently put in a snail (no clue what kind) It layed eggs in four places. but I didnt see babies for a while and now I have 28 of them. Would a pet store buy any of them because I don't want that many?t thanks, Joe
  9. J

    tons of algae

    My tank has never had algae that I could see until about 3 weeks ago. Now the walls and the plants and objects in the tank are pretty well covered with brown algae. I just cleaned the sides last week and now they are brown again. Can someone tell me wats going on? What can I do to treat it? :-[...
  10. J

    Fav. Fish #2

    Just wondering what your favorite kind of fish is. The last one I did of this topic didnt have enough choices, hope this one does!
  11. J

    Are angelfish ok if there is only one of them?

    Are angelfish ok if there is only one of them? As you may have read one of them died the day after I got it. I will be going to get a new one in the next 2 weeks. So would it be fine until then? Also it seems to not be eating or at least I never see it eat. Can someone tell me what's up?
  12. J

    Favorite type of tank

    this is a pic of a great planted freshwater tank
  13. J

    dropping angelfish

    I dropped my 2 new angelfish at the store in the check-out lane about 3 feet off the ground. They seem fine but was just wondering if u guys think they are ok. I just put them in my tank 15 minutes ago.
  14. J


    I am getting a new 12 gal. tank and was wonder if I could get cichlids. If I can I was wondering if they r hard to keep and the maintnence required for them. also what food and tank set-up they would like.
  15. J

    Sailfin Molly fry

    How many fry can a sailfin molly have in one time? Cause I one and it only had 6 that I saw. Maybe the other ones got eaten?
  16. J

    Angelfish Growth

    How fast do Angelfish grow? I was thinking about getting some
  17. J

    baby fish

    my sailfin molly had babies about 3 weeks ago they r getting bigger. Also 1 of my platies had only 1 baby that I see but she still looks pregnant. I put all the babies except 2 babies in a 1 gal. tank. I have been feeding them crushed up flakes. What else should I be feeding them. My sailfin...
  18. J

    wierd looking swordtail

    I just got 3 new swordtails, one is yellowish orangish and the other two are red. I asked the lady for 1 male and 2 females. But when I got them home my yellowish orangish female had a tiny sword on the end. Is it a she-man? I was wondering if this is possible but its size looks like its a...
  19. J

    What fish would go well with a pleco?

    what fish would go well with a pleco?
  20. J

    What to feed Pleco?

    I am getting a pleco today and was wandering what to feed it or if it will just eat the flakes I have been feeding my platy and pearl danios. Can anyone tell me what to feed it.
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