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    Slates? Homemade Rock Cave?

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I have been active on the forum, but busy with stupid midterms for college and just had a death in the family and all. But all behind me now, I should be back Anywho, I have recently been trying to convert my 20 gallon from TOTALLY unnatural, to very...
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    Veggie Flakes?

    ??? Who here feeds their fish veggie flakes? What brand are they? I tried looking for some today at my LFS and they didn't have them - I was looking for anything that actually said "veggie flakes" maybe I was looking for the wrong thing? ???
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    Did I Do this right?!?!?!?!

    Below are some links to the pictures I downloaded ontophotobucket. Will someone take a look and see if I attached the plant to the driftwood well enough?? Please give me your honest opinions and advice, this is my first plant and I don't want to mess it up BTW, It is a Coffee Leaf Anubia -- I...
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    My lovely betta showing off

    Hey Everyone!! Click the link below to see the link of the movie I made of my betta, Mitch, showing off for me PS>> I downloaded this tophotobucket -- this site is awesome
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    Location + Plants = ?!?!?

    Hello everyone -- I have been trying to do some research on this, but can't seem to find a straightforward answer... Each plant has it's own location in the tank of where it is supposed to be located (for example, backdrop, middle, front) Why does this matter? Will the plant not thrive if...
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    OMG. I have a murderer :(

    When I came home from work today, one of my zebra danios was dead on the bottom of the tank and my bully gourami was eating him !!!!!!!!! I am thinking of taking the gourami back. I am pretty sure he was attacked by the gourami because my water parameters are perfect! 0/0/10... what should I...
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    Hello Everybody! As some of you may know, I just quit smoking. It's a crazy life change for me, as (I Know, I Know, Very CRAZY) I have been smoking since I was 12, and I am only 19 years of age. It is my 4th day on the patch, and surprisingly, it was easier for me the first two days, but today...
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    Betta and Gourami

    ONe of my gouramis is starting to get harassed by my other gourami in my 20 gallon and it's causing him not to eat. I am not sure why this is happening now, but it's scary Do you think if I moved him to my 10 gallon with my Betta, the situation will be worse or better? SHould I give it A try...
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    Favorite Type of Movie

    Vote on your favorite types of movies above and tell us what specific movies you like below. Throw in the names of your Favorite TV shows if you want My Favorite Movies are: American History X Saw and Saw II How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Forrest Gump The Terminal Good Will Hunting Sweet Home...
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    Filter Cartridges

    Just Curious
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    Someone Please try to help me identify? :(

    I doubt anyone will be able to help me, b/c this is such a BROAD question, but the second to last time I was in one of my lf stores, I see a gorgeous!!!! saltwater fish. Come to think of it, I should have asked back then, what type of fish it was, but didn't, thinking I could find out what is...
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    Trying to Post Pics :(

    Hello all, I have 7 JPeg s of my tanks and fish that I wanted to share with you on here, but the file sizes seem to be too big -- it will only let me post 1 pic at a time!! Is there anyway to reduce the size so I can post all 7? Or at least 4 at a time, right now it will only let me post one ...
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    BioWheel and Cannister

    Hello everyone - On both of my tanks, I have HOB filters that came in kits with the tanks. My question is: What is it about Biowheel filters and cannister filters that make them so much more expensive and better to use? Are HOB filters considered a bad choice? They seem to be doing their...
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    Awesome Test Kit!

    I just went to my LFS and bought an "Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater Master Test Kit" It's so awesome (so much better than strips in my opinion) and it only cost me 4 dollars more.. I was way too excited !!! Really recommended
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    What's the best?

    I'm very new to plants, and am going to my LFS to see if they have Lace plants and Java Fern (maybe Anubias, also). I was wondering - If my LFS does not have these plants, what is the best website to buy these type of plants from? Thanks in advance! ;D
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    Just because, I like to know the people I speak to on here ;D (and maybe I'm a little bored
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    Uh OH!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just looked in my betta tank and I have a snail!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure this will not be the only one, right? ??? :-\
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    A Fish's Memory

    I have heard both sides, and was interested to know in what you all thought, or if someone could actually prove it either way... ;D
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    Missing Catfish!

    ??? I have a ten gallon tank with 1 male betta, two african dwarf frogs (Very Small) and 2 small black catfish.. Except, for the past two days I have only been able to spot one catfish, and can't seem to find the other one? So weird. I know the african dwarf frogs are semi-aggressive and will...
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    The Perfect LFS

    At first I went to one that was HORRIBLE! Then, I went to one that I thought was good, until I stumbled upon the one I go to now (which I can't seem to keep myself away from!) ;D
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