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  1. eaking

    Shaking my head at a LFS!!!

    So stopped by the LFS down the street. Now I only buy filter replacements and other odds and ends. It is a real shame because they are the only "lfs" in the area. Well I stopped in to pick up a few filters today. Now I have thrown the employees for loops before with pretty generic questions that...
  2. eaking

    questions GBR's??

    Just read a couple of articles on german blues. People are recommending 82°-84° water temps. I'm currently at about 79°. I have mollies, zebra danish and harlequin Rasbora. Will the GBR,s be OK at 79° or if I raise the temp to 82° will my other fish be ok? Please help friends!!!
  3. eaking

    New additions!!! :)

    Got a pair of German Blue Rams this morning... just need a pair of electric blues and I'll really be happy!
  4. eaking

    updated pic... what are the thoughts?

    Snapped a new picture of the tank tonight. What are your thoughts? The good, the bad, the ugly???
  5. eaking

    zebra danio issues???

    I just noticed my zebra danio has a bulge on its underside never noticed it before any help identifying it?? Sorry about the picture darn thing wouldn't stay still! Lol
  6. eaking

    yellow leaves?

    I have noticed in the last day that some of the leaves on some of my plants are turning yellow... any ideas???
  7. eaking

    Dirt and clay?

    Ive been reading up on doing a dirt tank. I have seen many times over that people use red clay. Is this just regular old red clay or is there something special about it?
  8. eaking

    Algae spot treatment questions!!!!

    I haven't seen a thread specifically for spot treatments for algae. I read a lot of information about this issue to get ready when it occurred in my tank. Well, I am now dealing with a green algae. Most of us know about bringing the light back. I have been reading about spot treatments and have...
  9. eaking

    Lets get to the dirt!

    I am really interested in doing a dirt tank but I want to know everything about it before I make the decision... I know people say organic miracle grow soil. But what about the clay that is recommended? Also what about re-scaping would i have to drain the whole tank? my thought is that dirt...
  10. eaking

    Eco Complete vs. CaribSea FloraMax Pros, Cons, and how much do I need??

    Thinking of setting up a ten gallon planted with just a school of neon tetras. I've been doing some reading and a few people had noted that they use the eco complete sand and end up not having to gravel vac, they just do water changes. Pros and Cons of eco complete vs. CaribSea FloraMax...
  11. eaking

    Whats the best way to aquascape?

    Just wondering what people on the Lore think is the best way to re-scape my planted tank? I think I want to move some plants around and just get a different look but I have no idea how to go about it and the do's and don't? Any and all advise welcome!
  12. eaking

    Was being lazy! Now Im purplexed...

    So, I was procrastinating on breaking down my QT tank that had fish in it over 3 weeks ago, 9 Harlequin Rasbora. I had unplugged the filter over two weeks ago, but the heater never got unplugged. With all that being said I was getting ready to break it down today and low an behold there are 2...
  13. eaking

    Anacharis and Java Moss not growing???

    Hey just wondering what advise is out there I have some Anacharis that has been in the tank for about a month and does not seem to be growing.... I started with 3 bunches and one has almost completely died out. The others have not died but have not grown pretty much at all. Any ideas I was using...
  14. eaking

    RU tabs

    Just received my order! very fast delivery and there was a bonus plant included! very cool! One question, How often do I replace the Ru-Tabs???
  15. eaking

    pH rise? advise

    In the last couple of weeks my pH has been steady at 8.2.. I like it around 7.2, any ideas nothing has changed in the tank but I was doing some reading and wondering if my "dead" live rock I use as caves and cliffs would cause a rise in pH, and if thats the case why did my pH suddenly spike...
  16. eaking

    Is this water lettuce OK?

    I brought home some water lettuce from my fathers pond and I'm wondering if it is ok to introduce into my tank... cleaned off what little debris that was on the leaves and I'm currently soaking it in water from my tank had been sitting for roughly 30mins at this point. Just figured I'd ask...
  17. eaking

    Gold Nugget Pleco (L-18)

    I was at the LFS and thinking about getting the Gold Nugget Pleco (L-18). I love to color plus I started having a little algae in the past couple days... what are the thoughts out there?
  18. eaking

    Finally cycled BUT....

    The tank finally cycled completely everything looks great, but, my Jungle Val's. Some of the leaves are starting to turn almost black. attaching a photo is anyone can help... Using 1 cap full Flourish Excel daily and API root tabs
  19. eaking

    mixing Rasboras?

    I have 3 Harlequin Rasboras. I know i know schooling fish. If i was to mix it up and got 3 mores harlequins and 6 scissor tail rasborsa would they school together or in separate schools?
  20. eaking

    Do i have a problem?

    7 days ago I planted 4 Jungle Val's 3 Bronze Wendtii and some Java moss... I attached a pic of the Val. When I got home from work today I noticed that the Va'ls have started to develop brown streaks and look like chunks are being taken out. I have 2 Danio's 3 gold Mollies and 3 Harlequin...

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