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  1. Joshaeus

    Yeast reactor water changes?

    Hi everyone! I had an interesting idea recently...I have dabbled with yeast reactors in the past, and generally I changed the whole reactor every two weeks. It occurred to me, however, that the yeast seems to all hang out in the bottom of the bottle rather than in the water column...thus, would...
  2. Joshaeus

    Next steps for my planted tank...(calling you planted tank gurus!)

    Hi everyone! My 10 gallon low tech planted tank - stocked with contortion vals, tiger lotus, echinodorus 'miracle', dwarf sagittaria, and ludwigia 'rubin' - appears to be doing quite well, with everything growing and no signs of algae anywhere. Here is the tank for reference; I have some...
  3. Joshaeus

    The great flourish excel experiment!

    Hi everyone! Because I have heard such conflicting reports on flourish excel, I have decided to run an experiment in two generic 'kritter keepers' from walmart to determine whether it is effective or not. Here is my plan at this point; THE EXCEL EXPERIMENT -Set up two generic, identical...
  4. Joshaeus

    Is guppy grass an annual in aquariums?

    Hello everyone! Is common guppy grass (Najas guadalupensis) an annual under aquarium conditions? I understand it tends to be an annual in the wild, but was wondering whether this carries over to aquariums (obviously that would be a problem for aquascapes if it was). Thanks :)
  5. Joshaeus

    Making container ponds safe for jumpers?

    Hi everyone! How could I make a container pond safe for fish prone to jumping - the Betta dimidiata I am getting soon, for example? I would love to try growing out some of their fry outside next year in a heated container pond, but they - and MANY small fish, for that matter - are jumpers and I...
  6. Joshaeus

    Low TDS container pond?

    Hi everyone! Here's an interesting thought...when I get and start breeding whatever fish I am going to keep in my 20 gallon blackwater tank, I am thinking of growing out some of the fry in a heated container pond next year. Would that work well? I wanted to keep TDS at or below 100ppm...since...
  7. Joshaeus

    Small ornamental snails?

    Hi everyone! I am pondering setting up a 1 gallon planted bowl/jar...the logical critters to put in that setup would be shrimp, but - alas! - I am worried I would stress the shrimp out with water changes (it would be very hard to get parameters exactly right when doing water changes in such a...
  8. Joshaeus

    10 gallon planted tank

    Hi everyone! I have been meaning to set up a 10 gallon for my persian killifishes ever since their 5 gallon started leaking a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to it today :) Here is the tank right now, mere minutes after I set it up; Here are the current specs; Heater; None Substrate...
  9. Joshaeus

    When is a blackwater tank cycled?

    Hi everyone! I hope this is the right place to post 20H blackwater tank is around 6 weeks old currently, but it has never had nitrogen readings of any kind (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate have always been zero). Thus, how will I know when it is ready for fish? If this helps, the PH is...
  10. Joshaeus

    My plant shelf

    Hi everyone! I've had this plant shelf for a while, so I thought I may as well share a picture of it; I reorganized it yesterday to have only a single lamp...time will tell if that goes well. Can you find the figurine hidden amidst the plants, and then tell me what it is? Thanks for looking :)
  11. Joshaeus

    Where to get large (5-10 gallon) fish bowls...

    Hi everyone! My 5 gallon persian killifish tank sprung a leak last night, so I tossed that tank and moved the filter, the fake plants, and the three remaining male killifishes into a five gallon bucket. Obviously that is not a great environment for them long term, so I need to start looking into...
  12. Joshaeus

    Seachem acid regulator in RODI water?

    Hi everyone! I am thinking of trying to use Seachem's acid regulator (not to be confused with acid buffer...the regulator is a phosphate buffer, the acid buffer is a straight acid) to reduce the PH of my blackwater tank, which uses pure RODI water. My question is, will the acid regulator reduce...
  13. Joshaeus

    20 gallon high blackwater setup starring Betta dimidiata

    Hi everyone! I am turning my 20 gallon high into a blackwater tank. I do not know for sure whether it will be uber-soft and acidic or whether I will simply have it look like a blackwater tank, but it is going to have a substrate of leaves and some driftwood. I built an air powered box filter for...
  14. Joshaeus

    Soft water filter concept...thoughts?

    Hi everyone! I am thinking of turning my (currently empty) 20 gallon high into a blackwater setup and have an interesting idea for a filter. My thought is to modify a large food storage container into a large box filter, with an air lift pump out of the top and a lot of small holes at the bottom...
  15. Joshaeus

    Distilled/RO water for reducing algae?

    Hi everyone! LONG time no post. Here's a fun question...I understand that saltwater tanks that try to use tap water almost inevitably get overrun with algae (speaking from experience here as well as my research). While freshwater tanks are generally less sensitive than their salty counterparts...
  16. Joshaeus

    How do you guys run low tech tanks?

    Hi everyone! After having many failed planted tanks over the years, I wanted to do you guys run your low tech planted tanks, and how many algae issues do you have in said setups? For comparison, this is how I was thinking of running my 20 high if I went that route; Lighting; Two...
  17. Joshaeus

    Planting in turface

    Hi everyone! I have a (currently unplanted) 5 gallon with a 1.5 inch thick layer of 1/8th inch diameter turface as the substrate. It had plants in the past, but stem plants did not seem to do well in this tank...I had major problems with planting cuttings without the portion in the substrate...
  18. Joshaeus

    Purigen/other chemical media for fish only tank?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering...would there be any benefit to using a chemical filtration media like purigen, activated carbon, etc in a freshwater tank with only fish (no plants)? Thanks
  19. Joshaeus

    Do fish prefer live plants to fake plants?

    Hi everyone! I was asking about a stocking option for my (still cycling) 20 high on another forum, and several users insisted that fish prefer live plants to fake plants. Has this been factually tested? I know that plants help remove waste from the water, but if the plants are unhealthy (and...
  20. Joshaeus

    Do these options work for a 20 high?

    Hi everyone! I am still trying to decide what to put in my 20 high once it is thoroughly cycled, and have come up with a list of possible options. Would any of these options work for a species tank, or do some need larger quarters? (Note that I am trying to avoid species that demand live food...
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