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    Snail eggs

    Wow ! I'm amazed at the results! Awsome pictures .
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    unknown fish

    Definitely a Congo Tetra These are really beautiful It's not finrot but just lighter coloration at the tips of the tetra's fins.
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    Plants for a 5 gallon tank

    Anubias have beautiful firm/thick leaves varying in size, depending on the Anubias species. Over time, Anubias grow many leaves which makes the plants look quite lush. I love Anubias because they can grow and thrive even in very low light. They virtually require no maintenance, save the daily...
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    Snail eggs

    The close-up pictures are awsome What camera are you using?
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    A Natural tank look

    Would love to see some pictures - must look very interesting .
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    Plants for a 5 gallon tank

    Never tried the first plant but the description on the website tells you that it requires high lighting (and therefore it requires CO2 as well). I've tried Amazon Swords and they can do pretty well under medium lighting (mine are growing under 1.73 wpg and without CO2). The first plant probably...
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    say your favorite aquarium plants

    I love Java Moss (and all other mosses), Java Fern, Anubias, Vallisnerias (Vals) - especially Jungle Vals, most Swords - especially Uruguay Swords, and some Cryptocorynes (Crypts). They're all low-to-medium-light plants and are pretty easy to grow even without CO2, but with at least 1.5 wpg of...
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    Buying Java Moss

    Yes, they seem to start out very slowly (without CO2) and it takes a while for them to start growing faster. But once they start, they start for good. Or at least my Java Moss did .
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    Take a look at these two

    Sweethearts l Love Golden Retrievers
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    My best friend

    Carol ... l l l !!! Good to see you too! Missed all of you guys! And wow ... it's been such a long time!
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    Buying Java Moss

    I love Mosses . I put a small patch of Java Moss in my 10 gallon tank, and a few months later it took over the whole tank. If you let it grow wild ... it can look awsome . This is without CO2. If you use CO2, the growth is super fast.
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    My best friend

    She's so beautiful Absolutely love her
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    My cat is weird.

    LOL ... that's what one of my cats did too, so ever since that time I keep all my fish food in sealed plastic containers ;D. Nope, your cat isn't weird ... all cats like fish food for the reasons mentioned above .
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    My stray kitten Maya - more pix :o)

    You're welcome Lucy . And thank YOU for the nice comment .
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    My redone 5ft

    This is one GORGEOUS setup! Truly beautiful and so natural in appearance Absolutely love it. You've done a wonderful job! Keep up the good work l. I'm 200% sure your fishies LOVE it!
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    My stray kitten Maya - more pix :o)

    Or ... the other way around, meaning we're lucky to have her . I just love to take pictures, especially of animals and nature. These are just a few - I must have like a 100 cat pictures by now, if not more actually ... lol .
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    My stray kitten Maya - more pix :o)

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    Gunny The Egyptian Mau

    LOL ... That's what my female kitty (Miss Patches, or simply Patchy) used to do when she was a kitten. And not just with treats, but with regular cat food too! ;D
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    It's been a year

    If that's what it takes to keep us safe, I'd be for it too. I remember I used to buy Science Diet cat food for my Patchy (i.e. Miss Patches) when she was a kitten, but after a while I switched to other foods. I'm so glad I did this. Who knows ... had I kept feeding her with Science Diet, she...
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    Cat is Mommy's Little helper

    Yes, I remember from his pictures - just a tiny "ball of fur" l He was sooooo cute! I'm so glad you kept him, you know
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