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  1. AlphaFish

    Are kuhli loaches shrimp-safe?

    Hello. I am thinking of the stocking of a 29g tank. And I'm wondering, are kuhli loaches shrimp-safe? I am wishing to keep amano shrimp with them.
  2. AlphaFish

    Bristlenose pleco in a 29g?

    Hello! I'm doing some planning for a new tank, and I've heard many opinions about the BN pleco's minimum tank size. Some say 20g is ok, other say 40g is minimum. Just wondering what you guys think.
  3. AlphaFish

    Power will go out, idk what to do with my fishes

    Hello. At the time I am writing this it is 11pm. Tommorow at 9 am the power will go out until 5 pm. I am worrying for my fishes, as they need a filter and a heater. I have: -a betta(not worrying for him as he can breathe at the surface, the temperature shouldn't be a big problem. -3 chili...
  4. AlphaFish

    Is my ember tetra pregnant?

    Hello wonderful people of fishlore! Today I was feeding my fish and I noticed this tetra with a little bump on it's belly, and it kinda looks like there's eggs in it. I can't really tell as it's really small and hard to see and I couldn't find any pics of pregnant tetras online. Thanks!
  5. AlphaFish

    3 Pea Puffers in a 29 Gallon Tank

    I am planning to get a 29.6g that I would like to stock with pea puffers. Three of them to be exact. And maybe some bottom-dwelling fish but we'll see about that. I also attached a piece of "art"(garbage that took me 30m) that resembles how I'd put everything in the tank. I will make it lusher...
  6. AlphaFish

    Some questions about ember tetras and chili rasboras.

    So I recently bought some ember tetras, 10 of them to be exact. They were pretty active in the first day but then started hiding behind a piece of wood every time they saw me. Why's that? Also, I bought 10 chili rasboras yesterday and they are usually chilling at the water surface just like a...
  7. AlphaFish

    What plant is this?

    Today I went to a lfs to buy some more gear for my aquarium that will be stocked with more fish soon, and I also bought a floater. I'm not sure what it is, and I normally wouldn't buy things I don't identify, but I've been told that it's a low-tech plant. But I want to verify that, can anyone...
  8. AlphaFish

    Snail Breeding suggestions

    I have a small unused 3.5 gallon tank and I was not sure what to do with it... But yesterday the LFS blessed me with a baby snail on the plants I bought. Now I find snails interesting and I know what to do that tank. I did some research and apparently there are some snail species that can breed...
  9. AlphaFish

    Unidentified snail

    Today I went to the local pet shop to buy some new plants. When I got home and planted them I noticed this weird baby snail. I'm not sure what to do with this guy because I don't wanna kill him and I don't want him to reproduce and become a pest either. How can I stop him from reproducing? What...
  10. AlphaFish

    10 Gallon Tank How to speed up water cycling?(+some water cycling questions)

    I am soon getting a new aquarium, 45L, and I want to make sure that it's ok to put my fish in there. Not long ago I made a thread where I asked what fish can I add in a 10 gallon tank with a betta and some shrimp, and someone told me that I have to cycle the water for at least 1 month before...
  11. AlphaFish

    What tankmates for betta?

    So I am new to this fish hobby, and I have a betta. His aquarium is getting repeatedly dirty of algae regardless of the fact that I have a filter. I did some research and it looks like an amano shrimp would be a great idea, so I am getting a new aquarium (11 gallons) and I wanna ask if I can put...
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