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    Mystery snail acting Mysteriously

    For the past couple of days, I've noticed him balancing on the end of the swirly part of his shell-sutures I think is the correct term-but I don't know. He just sits like that, fiddling around or chilling-it really weird. Does anyone else observe this behaviour? He's 1 year 8 months old if...
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    Have you ever seen the rain(bows)?

    I love seeing them in house windows here in TO. I hope people keep them up forever! Has anyone on the forum put a homemade rainbow in the window?
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    I found a dead budgie

    I took a few photos so I could post them tonight. I don't recall seeing a foot band. I know if it was my bird, I'd want to know its fate. Just wondering where else people would post under "found": My local humane society My local Kijiji My local craigslist Thanks for your help with this.
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    Canister filter hose cleaning brush

    Mine is on the way out and I'm wondering what people like to use. I like that mine is on a flexible "wand" but that's about all I prefer.
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    Do Robots dream of Mechanical Sheep?

    I heard this on the radio the other day and kept trying to not figure this out today.
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    Is the notification bell off?

    As of today, I no longer get the tantalizing bingbong that summons me to the computer. Is it me or a new thing? I couldn't see a notice about it. Not complaining!
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    Thinking about everyone in Michigan

    Hoping no forum members are impacted.
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    Best tank size for Telescope eye goldfish

    Need to narrow this down to help OP pick best tank size for this one individual. It is unknown if the fish will be kept or if another fish will be added down the road. This fish was rescued from someone who couldn't take care of it. OP does not keep fish prior to this one. Details of this fish...
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    If you have a water softener you must use alternate water source for freshwater tank

    Yes or no I don't know how to do a poll
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    Safely change tank water from bottled spring water to tap to avoid PH swing.

    Scenario: 2.5 gallon betta tank with betta in it. Parameters unknown at this time PH testing 7.5-8.0 (strips) Tank recently upgraded to 2.5 gallon from unknown previous size. Tank was filled with spring water. Betta needs to be reconditioned back to tap This betta is already going through a...
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    Send a Neigh to Redmare

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    Sorry if this is the wrong section-wasn't sure where this goes. Wondering if anyone has ordered from Beautiful site and they seem really passionate. Considering placing an order but just wanted to see if anyone had received product from them. Thanks!
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    Happy Mother's Day

    To all the Mama's of anything... (I don't know how to grab a clip of a Youtube or if that's even legal...) 1:04-1:12
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    Responsibly dispose of expired reagents

    I've got some expired API reagents but wonder how to dispose of the liquid. The hazardous waste program is not currently running here. I know we dump finished tests downthe drain so maybe I'm overthinking this. What do you do?
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    Dude Perfect Quarantine Stereotypes

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    Real unreal tanks

    Almost a year ago, there was the most arresting tank that stopped me in my tracks at a fishstore nearish to me. The tank was large, I'd say 36x36x24 and was completely filled top to bottom and side to side with everything resin,plastic and garish. Neon polyps, corals, and rocks; huge, plastic...
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    Seeking permission to post link

    Hi, Two questions, if I may... I can't figure out how to find a moderator to ask permission. I managed to connect with Lucy last night but not really sure how I did it. I'm on a laptop if that makes a difference. (Clicking Members didn't work this time) I was wondering if I could post this...
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    Take your fish for a walk!

    To get around stay-at-home orders, Spaniards have been walking some unusual 'pets'
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    Nano fish in a monster tank

    Pygmy cories and chili rasboras-looks like.
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