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    Possible ich attack on royal gramma

    So is the shrimp helping the gramma? Or is the shrimp staying away?
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    Possible ich attack on royal gramma

    To be safe I would move the fish to the three gallon it would be a good idea to get a cleaner shrimp or wrasse to help clean up the fish I personally do not like using chemicals it really stresses the fish and can cause more harm than good.
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    Possible ich attack on royal gramma

    It could also be velvet does it look like a califlower look or is it white spots?
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    Maxi Mini throwing up its guts?

    What was the last thing you feed the nem, and how many days has it been?
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    Using Kalk

    I would suggest only once per week at a low dose or other wise it will cause PH to raise to high and may be devestating. As for topping off is to keep the salinity at a constant level with an R/O water only is my suggestion. I dose my tank with kalkwasser at a drip method into the sump being...
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    API Freshwater for Saltwater

    I would go for the reef test kit if that is what you are going after. Yes the color charts are different, to save your self head aches get a marine test kit.
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    Maxima Clam in the sand harmful?

    Sad to here that!! Not a good thing to have happen. First off can I ask what your water chemistry is for Ammonia,Nitrites, Nitrates,Phosphates, Magnessium,Calcium and are you using a R/O water and what type salt that you are using at this time the more details the better for a result as to what...
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    Clumpy sand

    Most likely you don't have enough flow in the tank try adding another pump and cross them in the top corners of the tank and facing inward to create a disturbance and a ripple effect in the water. Create as much water towrd the bottom sand bed and things will go away.
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    Do 15 pounds and add when you can just be sure that the rock you add in the future is fully cycled is the key , however when adding fully cycled rock it's double or tripled in price. It is way better to cycle the tank with the full amount better than adding later and you will save money rather...
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    28g Nano

    Get a stand and empty all the tank and move the tank to the new stand, do the transfer and all will be fine you get room off the desk and life is back to normal it's as easy as that and you keep the sump and put it in the stand and plumb it all and you can enjoy!!
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    28g Nano

    So what are your plans on a skimmer on the new tank? Is the tank that you have without a stand? From what I have read it sounds like the sump is on the side of the tank?
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    Looking for a hardy 1st fish

    Clowns are a very hardy fish, depends on what type tank you desire. Aggresive,comunity??
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    How often to feed a 6 Line Wrasse?

    In the wild six line wrasse will eat inverts and they are usally very good eaters and will eat live foods and plankton, prepared foods frozen types are the best to feed all fish.
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    How to breed clarki clowns.

    There is a fry food for marine I think its made by HikarkI not sure if I spelt that right. I've used it for fry and they love it you may want to try it makes it very easy to feed.
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    20kg MORE!

    I would go for more if you have the room in the light hood, the more the better for stony coral if that's what you are after. Whats the wattage for the bulbs and what types do you have at this time? 10K,520 actinic??
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    haven't done saltwater before-many questions

    What is the product that you are using?? There are two ways to feed coral one is with chemicals such as calcium. Magnesium, trace elements etc. and the other is with different types of plankton and prepared foods for corals.
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    haven't done saltwater before-many questions

    That's good news that the cyano is going away, as for the sponge if that is what it is will not do any harm to corals.
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    Yellow Coris Wrasse Internal Blood Spot

    Was this fish just bought from LFS that was just received and was just dumped in to the LFS tank is the question that I would ask first! Second would be that when introduced to a tank wrasse do go to a different color other than natural state. Give it some time a few days maybe and if the wrasse...
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    I found it, I found it! (Mantis Shrimp)

    Sounds to me you may have to sell them for awhile!! Ugh!!
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    How do I keep Quarantine Tank cycled?

    Two to four weeks is the most that is needed by then if something is to happen then most likely it will. The problem that accurs is that the fish that was bought from I say this because it is very important that you know for sure that the fish you buy is not effected by any parisites that the...
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