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    Closed ecosystem with assassin snails

    I kind of want to build a closed ecosystem with a more complex food chain than most. I'm thinking plants of some sort, herbivore snails, and assassin snails. My question is this: would it be possible to establish a snail population in a 5 gallon bottle that can't be wiped out by an assassin...
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    Figure 8 puffer food

    Ok, so, I'm working on building up a variety of potential food options for the figure 8 puffers I will be getting. So far I have a ramshorn snail colony, and I also plan on feeding pond snails, feeder shrimp of different varieties, meal worms( both the juveniles and adults), crickets, daphnia...
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    Fruit kitchen scraps

    What insects eat fruit kitchen scraps like banana peels really well? My earthworms in my vermicompost box don't seem to like them that much, so I thought I'd get something else to turn the fruit scraps into fertilizer, lol. Roaches aren't an option, just fyi. My husband refuses to have them in...
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    Scientific Study on figure 8 breeding

    So I found a scientific study where they bred figure 8 puffers, as well as several other puffer species. I'll link to the article if anyone is interested. The only issue I that, when they reported on what salinity they used, they expressed it in percentages. The salinity at which the puffers...
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    Anyone ever seen a snail like this?

    I think I might have a new ramshorn snail morph, which is kind of cool. Anyone ever seen a snail like this one? Not sure how good my photos are, but it's grey with spots.
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    Odd spot inside ghost shrimp

    Ok, so my ghost shrimp has what looks like a weird internal organ inside it that is not present in other shrimp. At fist I thought it was her stomach, but you can see the stomach now that she's eaten, and it's right beside the weird green spot. Any ideas? I've included a picture.
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    Ghost Shrimp

    Got some new ghost shrimp yesterday that I ordered on ebay. They arrived really healthy, and I was pleased, so I told some friends and posted a few pictures. They started talking about how tasty freshwater shrimp are. I mean, I know they were trying to be funny, but it wasn't funny. I'm still...
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    Aclimating nerite snails

    So, I'm planning on breeding nerite snails in brackish water as loach food. However, the ones I get from the store will be used to fresh water, and, when I put the offspring in fresh water to feed the loaches, I'd prefer it if they didn't die before the loaches eat them. So. My question is this...
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    So I put some ghost shrimp in with my daphnia. According to my research, ghost shrimp aren't fast and nimble enough to catch live daphnia, though they will eat dead ones. Since I added the ghost shrimp, my daphnia population has been steadily going down. I don't think it's a population crash...
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    Daphnia Filtration

    Ok, so the premise of this is kind of long. I want to keep an invertebrate only tank with several different species of invertebrate so I can feed my weather loaches a variety of live food. However, one of the invertebrate species I have chosen is daphnia. When kept with a filter, both them and...
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    Colonizing new filter media

    So, I'm starting a new tank, and I was planning on using old filter media. The only issue is, my old filter, in a 5 gallon, has only a sponge in it, and removing all filter media from the old tank seems like a bad idea idea, since I'm planning on keeping that tank running. My idea is to add new...
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    Sculpey Tank Decoration

    I'm planning on making a sculpey decoration for my tank. The plan is to make each layer out of sculpey, paint it, seal it krylon fusion, and then join it to the other layers using silicone. Here's the first level: level 1 by Madeline Peterson posted Sep 10, 2019 at 6:57 PM What do you think...
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    What Is This?

    Found something very strange in my tank. I don't know how to describe it, so let me just show you a video: My best guess is spagettI worm, but they're saltwater. Any other ideas?
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