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  1. Jesterrace

    Do Pea Puffers need to be in groups of 6?

    Seems to be a lot of conflicting info out there on them (ie how many for a given size tank, if they need to be in a group or not and how often they should be fed). I have turned my 20 gallon Long into a dedicated Pea Puffer setup and currently have 4 of them in there. So just seeing...
  2. Jesterrace

    Couple of New Coral Additions

    Picked these up over the Black Friday: Frogspawn Acan
  3. Jesterrace

    Looking to change out my gravel

    Although my brightly colored gravel was well suited for the glofish tank, it tends to clash with the fish in my current tank so I am looking to switch out the substrate (going to black) in my 20 Long tank. The issue is that I don't want to upset the balance of the tank (ie biofilter), so would...
  4. Jesterrace

    New Red Tree Coral

    At least that is what it appears to be:
  5. Jesterrace

    Well this is a new one for me, Duncan Coral ate an Asterina Star

    An Asterina Star was knocked off by one of my fish and fell on the head of the Duncan and the Duncan actually pulled it into it's mouth and appears to have eaten it. I get that they will eat stuff that falls into the head, but this was a new one for me as I have never seen a coral eat an...
  6. Jesterrace

    20 Gallon Long Emergency Tank Upgrade with Stargate

    Well what started as a a decor upgrade to the kid's 10 gallon tank, ended up turning into an emergency upgrade after I discovered some water seepage coming from the front seal as I was putting in the new decor. With Dollar per gallon coming to my rescue and a new 20 Long to fill, I made several...
  7. Jesterrace

    FYI, about the Saltwater Forums

    Just giving you folks a heads up, I went ahead and made the suggestion to consolidate the forums. Just an observation that we end up with folks getting their posts buried in sub forums that don't get a lot of traffic and can go weeks without getting a response simply because it gets missed...
  8. Jesterrace

    A Suggestion for the Saltwater Forums

    Just an observation, but IMHO there are too many sub forums for the Saltwater section and more often than not newbies try to do the right thing by posting in the right forum, but end up getting missed as they don't get much traffic. Maybe just consolidate things to the main forums for easier...
  9. Jesterrace

    Frogspawn and Duncan Coral Growth Updates

    Been a while since I did a before and after on some of my coral frags. Both of these guys were $20 frags from my LFS when I got them My Frogspawn when I first added it to my tank a year and a half ago: Here it is today: My Duncan when I first got it 3 months ago: My Duncan Today:
  10. Jesterrace

    Sometimes I wonder why I bother

    Please, I get that everyone starts somewhere but when I see someone start a tank with NOTHING but treated tapwater and salt and then ask them about where their live rock is and their response is as follows: " i don't think the hubby wants live rock... is it necessary?" It literally is a why...
  11. Jesterrace

    Coral Beauty 2 year Anniversary Update

    An Update on my experiences after 2 years with my Coral Beauty. As always remember that each fish is an individual and no two will behave exactly the same:
  12. Jesterrace

    Large Asterina Starfish removed from my tank

    Would've kept this guy but they are known to be pests. My son helped find it and track it down. I get these are tiny by comparison with most starfish but for an Asterina this is a pretty good sized one:
  13. Jesterrace

    Jester's new Indo Trachyphillia Coral

    By far the most expensive thing in my tank, but I just couldn't pass it up:
  14. Jesterrace

    Wow, I guess I have been doing it wrong this whole time

    No need to spend any money on corals, do tank maintenance or have nice lights made by AI to have a nice tank according to this guy. According to this description one of these qualifies as a "top shelf light": : Bozily Aquarium Lights LED 300W, Full Spectrum Coral Reef Light for...
  15. Jesterrace

    For those who are interested going to a 50/50 Tapwater/RODI Water mix

    I will be documenting my little 10 gallon Glofish tank's transition from strictly treated tap to a 50/50 Treated Tap/RODI Water mix. The purpose is to help out a bit with algae reduction and remove some of the excess minerals in my tapwater. Here is the first vid and I will be updating the...
  16. Jesterrace

    After more than a year I broke down

    and added another fish to my tank. Just too pretty to pass up:
  17. Jesterrace

    Yeah, so I added another venomous critter to my tank

    Needed an algae eater that my Melanurus Wrasse wouldn't try to make a meal out of. I think I succeeded with this one:
  18. Jesterrace

    Documented Grape Coral Struggles

    Can't seem to keep this guy happy no matter what:
  19. Jesterrace

    1 Year Update For My Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel

    For those who are curious to see how it is doing and more importantly how it is behaving with my Coral Frags:
  20. Jesterrace

    Opinions, Helpful Or Not?

    Looking for some honest feedback from folks on this vid in terms of info/content. Food Source IMHO is one of the crucial things to maintaining healthy fish and a tank. Just some general tips for newbies looking for a food source for their fish:
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