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    Our 75 gal African Cichlid tank

    Welcome to FishLore! Love your tank! very colorful. Carol
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    New additions

    Welcome to FishLore! Love both of those Carol
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    Shoaling and Schooling Fish

    I've seen lots of discussion on Schooling and Shoaling fish and what the differences in these behaviors are. This wonderful article explains that as well as the benefits to fish. This pic was with the article and demonstrates Schooling credit goes to Daypic. Carol
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    How Aquarium Plants Are Grown

    Many times aquarium plants are grown emersed then when we put them in our tanks they will sometimes lose leaves. Then grow true submerged leaves that may look different after their acclimatized. Here is a link to a company in Denmark that is one of the largest collectors and suppliers of...
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    So What Are You reading ?

    I was looking through the searches for book threads to post my news in. There was long ones in 2010, 2011,2012 and they were fun and interesting. So here is the "what are you reading thread for 2013" with a new twist. As most everybody knows I love to read. One of my favorite Authors is Faith...
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    My thoughts on Marimo Balls

    First let me clarify. What I'm refering to is Marimo Algae balls (Cladophora aegagrophila) They are truly algae but some unscrupulous sellers are selling moss balls which are only Java Moss rolled into a ball. So be sure you're getting what you want when you buy. I have owned them in the past...
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    Box cat

    This is Angus. He loves and takes over every box he can find. Anybody else have a Box cat?
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    Animal Shelter

    We had lots of stuff left from when my husband was sick and some one suggested we take it to the animal shelter. So I called them and they said sure. I didn't realize how much there was. Rolls of gauze, tape, packs of alcohol swabs, IV tubing, gloves, 4x4 and 2x2 gauze, several bags of IV...
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    white christmas!

    at noon christmas we started to get some rain and ice, at 4pm the electricity went off, 5pm we started getting snow. we wound up with 6 inches of snow. the electricity came back on approx 24hrs later. Was nice to snuggle under the covers and read by flashlight. Carol
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    75g freshwater

    I brought the fish home from work and added them to my already existing 75g. I really like the looks. I like to feed well before a water change and that's what you see floating in the water column. Carol
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    My moonflowers are really pretty this year. Just wanted to share carol
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    Some Random Photos

    Took some pics of the 75 gallon while doing a water change. 1&2) Love the way the Java Fern looks on the grapewood even out of water 3) the mass of Java ferns (straight leaf, red tip, and wendelov) 4) my Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides wouldn't stay planted and kept floating to the top and got hung...
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    Saw this today...

    and stole it even if it's not morning LOL
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    A lazy day

    I've really been working a lot lately and we had a chance to take the day and just do nothing so this is the nothing we did My husband, the dog (Collin) and I went to Lake Conway (about 25 minutes away) . 1) Collin can't wait to get there! 2) Unknown water plant 3)Water lotus getting ready to...
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    Random 75g pics

    1)Full Tank 2)fallen Easter Island Man 3)Mixed Java ferns 4)Red Tiger lotus 5) Java Fern 'Wendelov'
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    Richard Hofweber

    Bought some plants from Richard at and not only did I get excellent plants but free plants besides. I will buy from Richard again. carol
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    Anybody had any experience with Hygrophila pinnatifida

    It's very unique looking and I like it but have never seen any in person and don't know anyone who has. Carol
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    duckweed wanted

    I have java fern or anubias to trade for a handfull of duckweed. Carol
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    Everythings turning pink

    In the spring here everything turns pink. The prettiest wild flowers bloom everywhere. I refuse to mow until they are finished blooming. carol
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    unique present

    Today is mine and my husbands 45th wedding anniversary and I received a very unique present( hubby got a new hunting gun) from our son and daughter in law. Our daughter in law is a quite accomplished sculptor and artist. We really love dragons and sea serpents in art. 1) sea serpent 2)She has...
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