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  1. GatlingGun

    How Many Severums in a Community Tank

    I think it would be cool to do an Uaru-only tank and maybe some bottom dwellers; not necessary but just cool.
  2. GatlingGun

    Tank suggestions for a betta?

    Floating plants would be great, especially with a small tank to get the C 02 exchange started earlier, causing less nitrates and ammonia (from FFT).
  3. GatlingGun

    Help all my shrimp have died!

    You need ammonia (whichever form it is) to cycle a tank, and that’s scientifically what the nitrogen cycle is. So, if you have a beneficial bacteria colony developed (your 1 month of waiting) you still haven’t cycled it yet because there has been no ammonia, but your bacteria will help cycle the...
  4. GatlingGun

    How many pearl gourami for a 29 gallon.

    Haven’t read the threads but since they get like 6 inches and they’re gourami’s, I would only do 1, but maybe in a 40 breeder or 55 you could maybe have 2-3. Just my opinion. I would definitely add other fish though, maybe pencil fish as dithers, heavily planted (if more than 1) and maybe danios...
  5. GatlingGun

    10 Gallon Tank Newbie here, having trouble starting the cycle

    I would make sure you aren’t going to put in livestock at one week, even if tests are negative, because the test kit could definitely be reading wrong and could hurt your shrimp.
  6. GatlingGun

    15 Gallon Tank HELP!! Crack in aquarium !!

    You could also try moving the substrate away from the inside and feeling if it’s actually a crack that way.
  7. GatlingGun

    Algae Invasion (Brown Diatom, I think)

    If you haven’t already done it, I would use Seachem Flourish Excel, which should help balance out the tank of: light; nutrients; and C 02. I haven’t used it yet because Jungle Val is one of the few plants that “don’t work” with it. Oddly enough that is the one plant in my tank that isn’t doing...
  8. GatlingGun

    Help! White spot on swordtail.

    Sorry this is late. If you have 3 fish in the quarantine tank I would do a water change every other day 50-70% (or whatever you want) and medicate one dose every time until they look very healthy (shouldn’t take more than a month). Simple. Hope your fish get well soon!
  9. GatlingGun

    New cherry barbs

    You’re definitely fine. Those are at least an inch so the only fish that would probably eat them are like 6 inch cichlids IMO. Turquoise Rainbows, despite being big, have very narrow throats (learned from Steenfott Aquatics) so you’re also fine there. I would just watch them if you’re worried.
  10. GatlingGun

    Algae Invasion (Brown Diatom, I think)

    I am going through a similar problem with my planted tank as well. Best of luck. I’ve been running my Finnex Stingray (medium PAR) at 10 hours roughly and it’s way too much diatoms so, at least for me, I am going down to 7 hours strictly and seeing if that helps but how long do you have your...
  11. GatlingGun

    Next steps for Rainbowfish eggs

    I’ve seen my Dwarf Kamaka’s do that several times but no eggs flying.
  12. GatlingGun

    Next steps for Rainbowfish eggs

    Yes. I am gathering breeding mop supplies. Also, everyone, if I have Bosemani and Kamaka Rainbows together and i take the eggs to a 20 high for growout, will that be a bad idea because of hybridization? Another idea: I take a pair of either Bosemani or Kamaka in the 20 high, let them breed in...
  13. GatlingGun

    ICH-X staining problem

    Hello. I had an ich problem about a year ago as a fish noob and once the fish got treated the silicone on the edges got permanently stained blue. I’ve heard very little about this online and am wondering if it was just a weird coincidence. I know it says it may stain but why aren’t more people...
  14. GatlingGun

    Next steps for Rainbowfish eggs

    Wow, thanks. I guess I’ll have to wait for rainbow eggs.
  15. GatlingGun

    Next steps for Rainbowfish eggs

    Pretty sure, because I only added 2 a week ago and just added 5 more yesterday, but these eggs have been here for days before the new snails. Also, I thought Nerites only breed in saltwater right?
  16. GatlingGun

    Next steps for Rainbowfish eggs

    Hello. My Rainbows have laid some eggs for a few days now (got them a few weeks ago) and they are still cloudy (because the male hasn’t fertilized them, right?) and I don’t know what to do with them since a few of them have gone missing probably from the Nerite snails eating them.
  17. GatlingGun

    Help! White spot on swordtail.

    So this is 99% Ich. When using ICH-X, it stains blue so your silicone will be blue permanently unless you re-seal it, so keep that one that got stained as a permanent quarantine tank unless you don’t mind the blue. But, to order any of these products will take a few days, so go to an LFS ASAP...
  18. GatlingGun

    What to use to clean tank

    What do you mean?
  19. GatlingGun

    Suggestions for a broad but very slow wave maker for a 5 gallon tank

    Suggestion: air stone or HOB filter. Simple
  20. GatlingGun

    Please help, my fish are sick

    Just watched an FFT video; Just make sure the bettas aren’t together, ever. Even if the tank is huge, the male with kill the female eventually. Also your white cloud is chasing the Rummy nose because it is just him and no other white clouds. I would get at least a group of 5 if you have the...
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