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  1. saltwater60

    Is this sort sort of internal parasite?

    I’ve had some fish dying here and there and been trying to figure it out. Been leaning towards internal parasites. I found one of these in the tank a while ago now I just found this one today after doing medication treatments. Looks like some sort of tape worm to me.
  2. saltwater60

    Fish dying here and there - Whats up?

    I’ve been keeping fish for years and never really had any issues. I’ve had issues crop up here and there but have been able to manage them. I’ve done everything from large ponds to saltwater reef tanks, cichlids, and a palliditarium. I’m 40 and have had fish since I was about 12. I stopped...
  3. saltwater60

    What is this shrimp?

    So I have this shrimp and he’s done well in my tank. I like him very much. I’ve had some fish with missing eyes and damaged tails, faces, skulls and I’m thinking my lovely shrimp might be the culprit. He was smaller when I got him and he was supposed to be fish safe per the LFS. I moved any...
  4. saltwater60

    Anyone keep killis in a community tank?

    I have a 75 gallon heavily planted and heavily decorated community tank. I have a bunch of dwarf rainbows, danios things like that. I have been having trouble with nipped fins and I’d like to solve it. I’ve had troubles pretty much right from the get go. I started off with some choprea or...
  5. saltwater60

    Don’t forget your fishy friends during the corona virus

    With the virus spreading across the USA and more people getting sick daily I fully expect a mandatory quarantine. I know in my are the instituted some voluntary measures and recommendations but people are ignoring them. I feel a mandatory curfew and stay at home order will be implemented. No...
  6. saltwater60

    In the planning stages of building a palludaterium

    I’m looking for a way to add a reptile or an amphibian into the mix for my son. He’s 13 now and he’s been helping a bit here and there with the critters. I have a plan for that. Build a palludaterium. I’d like either tree frogs, dart frogs, or a crested gecko or two. My plan is to get a 25...
  7. saltwater60

    Some fish sick sporadically here and there

    I have a 75 gallon community tank that’s been set up since end of November beginning of December. I have driftwood and live plants with ecocomplete. I have a good mix of community fish danios, tetras and some others. I do have a quarantine and I do use it. I normally do 2 weeks and if no...
  8. saltwater60

    Bought some cool fish today!!

    I’m rather excited. I moved my furcata rainbows, green tetras over time my display tank so the QT 20 gallon looked empty so off to the LFS I go. I found a pair of golden apisto Agassizi, bought a few CPD, some awesome blue eyed draws rainbow fish, and some Florida flag fish. Dropped the flag...
  9. saltwater60

    Rainbow fish dying off one by one. Heavy breathing and slightly swollen belly

    I bought some rainbow fish about 2 weeks ago now. I went to buy them a week or so earlier but they had a few spots of ich. I went back and they were cleared up so I added them to my quarantine tanks. A couple days later they had a few spots of ich. So I added ich X but my other fish didn’t...
  10. saltwater60

    Fertilizer question for planted tank

    I have a 75 gallon tank that’s faily heavily planted with Madagascar lace bulbs, some ferns, crypts, and a few others I forget the name to. My plants were going bananas and growing like crazy. It’s slowed down now so I ordered some seachem ferts. I ordered NOK and iron. I have seen my plant...
  11. saltwater60

    Ich or no ich

    I haven’t had a fish with ick in years, literally like 15 years. I know I’m lucky. when I did I remember it being a good amount of spots and then dropping off the fish fairly quickly. I have some choprea danios and I added a few new ones to relive fighting in the school. I took it from 7 to 10...
  12. saltwater60

    Looking for a unique colorful community fish

    I have a few good LFS by me that can and will order me fish in. I’m looking for something colorful that fits in with danios, tetras, and a pair of apistos. My tank is a 75 gallon moderately planted with two tidal 110 and a good amount of driftwood and rocks for hiding. It has ecocomplete as...
  13. saltwater60

    Madagascar lace bulb is flowering any luck growing out the seeds

    As the title states. I have a Madagascar lace bulb that’s getting a flower. I’d like to mess around and try to grow out the seeds. Anyone have any luck or info on it.
  14. saltwater60

    My son wants a reptile which one

    My son really wants a bearded dragon. My wife has always said no lizards or snakes. He started watching the vet shows on Disney plus and my mother in law is a nurse. She watched him the other day he he basically took her around to all our animals and said this is their care and this is what they...
  15. saltwater60

    Why do my cut stem plants always die

    I’ve bought a bunch of plants in the past two months for my new tank. All plants that were potted or had roots have done wonderfully. Grown huge and I’ve split some already. My crypts do what crypts do but are coming back wonderfully. Some plants I bought have cut stems with the lead weight...
  16. saltwater60

    Danios being aggressive(choprae)

    I have a 75 gallon tank well planted with lots of driftwood and rocks. I added 7 choprae danio and within a few days all the tails were getting bitten. I read and it says 10 is better so I got 3 more. Seemed to get better. I added 7 ember tetras and they picked on a few of them. Then they...
  17. saltwater60

    Apisto macmasteri question

    I like these fish and want to see if my tank is suitable for them. I have pretty hard water and high ph is my concerns. I read they like neutral Ph and can handle high ph but their colors will wash out. Of course I like them for their coloring so I want to make sure they won’t look too drab in...
  18. saltwater60

    New kill fish doesn’t seem happy and stressed out

    I bought a kill fish last night and it’s my first one. It’s a 75 gallon tank with low to moderate flow and it’s fairly heavily scaped and planted. Figured he’d love it. It’s a male female pair and the female loves just exploring slowly and seems happy as can be. The male seems to be darting all...
  19. saltwater60

    What biomedia do you guy/gals like best

    I’m just looking to add a bit more biomedia to my filters. Been out of fresh water for sometime now so looking for some up to date advice. I have a tidal 110 and plan o keep their media and add more. I also plan to get another filter either a second tidal 110 or a Marineland pro 375. I kind of...
  20. saltwater60

    Anyone have any glow light danios?

    I was at my LFS and saw these. I thought they were cool and had good coloring. Seem relatively easy to care for. Just looking for experience. I bought 7 and might get 3 more. They also had axelrodI blue color morphs but I passed on those. They require acidic water conditions and I have about an...
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