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    White Blood Parrot

    Google a jellybean parrot and see if she looks like that. She's cute no matter what
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    Freeze Dried Food Bad For Betta's ??

    Just soak them first. Some fresh garlic juice is good to soak in. Freeze dried seems to expand once they eat it and could cause bloat.
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    12 Weeks No Nitrite Or Nitrate

    I don't think adding two more will make it crazy. Just keep an ion things because it's very stressful for fish with ammonia and the cycle process
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    12 Weeks No Nitrite Or Nitrate

    Sounds like it's still in the beginning stages of cycling. Minnows don't give off too much ammonia so it might take more time. I've seen it take up to seven or eight weeks went cycling with us. Good luck
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    Bloodworm Portions For Betta And Goldfish?

    I agree with cutting one of the squares and a half and share it . So good for them
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    What Is This

    Google fish lice and see what that is to compare.
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    How many cichlids in a 240 gallon?

    I would rearrange the whole thing that way all the fish think they are in a new tank! But remember, the two sets of male female combo, are going to be really aggressive when when they spawn so have a back up plan sounds like a fun tank in the making!
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    How many cichlids in a 240 gallon?

    I'm very surprise, with the fish you have now, it's a peaceful tank. As long as you have a back up plan if it doesn't stay that way, add a few more parrot fish and your flower horn. Are you at JDs male female? Because their temperament will definitely change if they breed. The same with your...
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    Wondering what everyone looks like?

    my other joy in life and me!
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    What sort of water needs to be put into the tank for african cichlids

    I've never tested our tapwater, but it is well water, and I just make sure I acclimate them over a longer period of time. And I agree, lots and lots of hiding spots and overstocking helps keep the aggression down to just one or two. My favorite kind of tank!
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    Tap Water Has High Nitrates

    Once the tank has cycled properly, the nitrates will be more controlled as it will be used for the food to keep the bacteria going. Once it's fully cycled , The tank should have no problem processing 40 ppm of nitrates provided you're not overstocking or over feeding
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    Water Conditioner With Well Water?

    I don't use any conditioners with well water either.
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    Prevent Vegtable Matter Build Up In Canister

    If you have that much excess, you're probably feeding too much. They don't need veggies every day, or they won't do their job in the tank
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    That's supposed to say fish was covered not your face . Sorry AutoCorrect at its best
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    Saved Some Of My Cories's Eggs, Is Putting The Eggs In A Breeder Box Ok?

    You need something to move the water around so fungus won't get on them. Maybe if small fish bubbler?
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    If you have enough fish food left over that it's getting "White and fuzzy", you're probably over feeding. And yes it will cause high nitrates and I would do a water change. And if your face was covered in fungus, it's been there a while too! Probably not the healthiest diet for your other fish...
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    What Do You Do When A Fish Commits Murder?

    Fish are Little pigs and will eat anything they can fit in their mouth! I would separate if you think it can happen again.
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    Bloodworms Why As A Treat Only?

    Mine have them daily as well as beef heart, shrimp, flake, pellets, vitamins, and other vegetables that I mixup in the blender. Then add clear gelatin and freeze in the little cube tray and use that as your main food! So much cheaper and much more healthy
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    2 Of My Tanks That Have Been Running Since October Show No Nitrates?

    I'm not surprised you have no nitrates with all those plants! Amazing tank
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    Angelfish Advice

    Try adding them at night with the lights off and switch the decorations around in the tank prior. It will act like the tank is new for all the fish
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