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  1. Fishfriendof315

    Free Free duckbit, and wisteria root plugs

    Giving away some duckbit, quite a bit. This weekend. Its out of control in my 20 gallon. If you want a little plug of wisteria. I can help with that too same tank. 20 gallon does have bba because i keep that groomed, lol. Straight hydrogen peroxide dip will deal with bba and wont kill plant...
  2. Fishfriendof315

    Is this Water Wisteria?

    Is this Wisteria?
  3. Fishfriendof315

    Extending thank you to all members!!

    THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! If it wasnt for this forum, id be lost with the new species ive been keeping. Sad to say i had not asked the relevant questions and thought i knew it all and tortured at least 2 dozen to a slow death. Im talking bout them there shrimps! Ive never worried about water...
  4. Fishfriendof315

    50 Gallon Tank In a buying mood

    Lol, i havent been on in awhile. Tanks are doing excellent. As my title states, im in a buying mood this week. Ive already reached out, but if anyone has anything rare or unusual. Hit me up. Wife doesnt know it yet but im grabbing couple of thoae 55 gallon food drums and cutting tops off for...
  5. Fishfriendof315

    Tired of waiting for the hatch

    I am so tired of waiting for my first mother shrimps' fry start to hatch. Its not a surprise this time because I can see them, but it seems to be taken forever! I believe its been 4 weeks since I first noticed one was berried. Yeah I know it takes up to 2 months but man o man, the impatientness...
  6. Fishfriendof315

    50 Gallon Tank Reacquainted with a black iridescent. Like whoa

    So here it goes. Thanks to the recent thread of your first fish tank. My 20+ year old 50 gallon. The best thing ever happened couple months back. I've been reacuainted with my iridescent black shark from 18 years ago. Me and my wife went out for a drive to shop at some different LFS's an hour...
  7. Fishfriendof315

    Want To Buy Vals, mosses and various neo morphs upstate new york

    Looking for vals, mosses, and various neo morphs. I prefer blue. I could go to my LFS but that's where my current red neos came from. Trying to mate some purples and want the gene pool spread out. Vals I want to get in the back left corner around the back of my slate work. Mosses for my drift...
  8. Fishfriendof315

    What in my arsenal can I move along with my figure 8?

    Maybe this is what I should've posted to begin with and not the other. Everything in my aquarium details is in a 50 freshwater. My figure 8 is just about the age to move over to brackish conditions where I might be getting a second for mating. I've been doing the research on my arsenal and...
  9. Fishfriendof315

    What fish sold as fresh water should be in brackish?

    More or less what type of fish do LFS sell in freshwater that should be in brackish later on in life or just start in brackish conditions. My figure 8 is about the age to move over to brackish, but don't want an aquarium of just puffer types. Going big with a 100 or 150 gallon seeing she is one...
  10. Fishfriendof315

    Can we get a straight brackish thread PLEASE!!!!

    Hey Mike or any other moderator, can we please get a dedicated brackish thread for the forum PLEASE!!!! I've had saltwater aquariums and currently running 4 freshwater, but definitely setting up a brackish for my figure 8, just about that age for her. Please and thank you
  11. Fishfriendof315

    My 20G L shrimp biome

    Been making headway since starting this new one 3 weeks ago. Planned it for 2 months after noticing I had a mating pair of neos that survived my puffer in my 50g. I believe I posted in the what are you doin thread but I figure get a picture documentary together. Had bought the 20 for $20 a...
  12. Fishfriendof315

    50 Gallon Tank Got a cat awhile back that I have no clue the species

    Had gotten him as a rescue about three years back. Just thought about it and I have no clue what species it is.
  13. Fishfriendof315

    Redid the 50

    Spent quite a few hours but happy with the outcome
  14. Fishfriendof315

    5 Gallon Tank When life gives you lemons, in this case snails

    When life gives you lemons they say to make lemonade, in my case snails. Well couple weeks ago I noticed a ramshorn snail invasion in my shrimp aquarium. It's been setup for half a year didn't notice a thing. I used gravel from my 55 which I know they're in there and expected them to be in it...
  15. Fishfriendof315

    Not in it for the money

    Night cycle day And at night
  16. Fishfriendof315

    Sunday Got a great jump on the new twenty.

    All the prep is done and now is filled halfway with a filter and heater running. Soon the shrimp in their 5 gal will be in the new home. Thinking maybe seeding it with 5 gallons from my 55 except for the fact I'm treating that to cut down my beard and stag algae. I was going just put everything...
  17. Fishfriendof315

    Funny Who else owns cats, & do you have any funny pics? I have plenty

    Wanted to hear about some aquarium and cat stories and see some pics
  18. Fishfriendof315

    Haven't added anything in awhile so what are these

    Wierd happenings in aquarium. Got some things I've never noticed. Haven't added in months. Any clues or ideas? Can't get a better pic but I'm concerned with the tan thing that has antennae. Planaria are the white things have explosions in past but from adding too much at once.
  19. Fishfriendof315

    Aquaclear 110 working right?

    Does anyone have any clues if my filter is working correctly? Been having an issue with my crayfish pruning the plants since I got him. I had cut my sponge in half to be able to add some prefilter media below it and still be able to keep carbon and bio sacks submerged. Before cutting it I had a...
  20. Fishfriendof315

    Question and check mark on thread post

    Stupid question maybe but what do the question mark and check marks mean on my thread posts? Have 3 question marks and 1 check mark
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