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    Getting Rid Of Three Nerite Snails

    I'm taking apart my fish tank today. It is a 25 gallon freshwater. Everything kept dying, but I didn’t replace it. I only have three nerites left. I was kind of hoping they would just die. Now, I have to pack up my house and there is nowhere to put the snails. I can not give them away. Is there...
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    Sexing My Honey Gourami

    This was my first fish in the 25 gallon tank. I assumed it was a he, but now I would like to know for sure. I’ve had him at least 8 months, and he has never been bright. He doesn’t eat anything I give him except for the kuhlI loaches pellets. He normally eats the algae, but my tank has FINALLY...
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    Help! Rescuing Betta About To Die Finrot

    I have a friend with a Betta. It isn’t that pretty, but it used to have TONS of personality. It now is almost dead. It floats at the top and looks almost dead. I just took him to my house. He’s got fin rot, but no other illnesses. He needs a good water change. He didn’t get many before. I’m...
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    Putting Male Bettas Together

    what I am about to say will not happen. I do not intend to get any bettas and understand that your answers might not be correct and/or resonable tank sizes. Okay! On to the post! IF you had to keep two or more male bettas together, how would you do it? How big a tank would they need, would...
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    Adding To 25 Gallon Stock- Please Try To Add Your Ideas!

    I have a cycled 25 gallon freshwater tank- 78 degrees 7.6 Hard water Medium planted , not super fine 7 hours of light (not sure of power, seller was unclear) on 2 times a day automatic (eheim everyday) that dispenses 8 ish pellets per feeding 2 ish times per week I feed a pellet 3 part...
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    Hair Algae Disaster

    I have a cycled 25 gallon freshwater tank- 78 degrees Ph 7.6 Hard water Medium planted Black sand, not super fine 7 hours of led light (not sure of power, seller was unclear) on timer 2 times a day automatic fish feeder (eheim everyday) that dispenses 8 ish pellets per feeding 2 ish times per...
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    Teaching Through A Fish Exhibit At School Fair

    Every year, my school does an annual STEM (Science, Technology, engineering, Math) fair. It is not like a traditional science fair, we focus on entertaining families of all ages, not writing reports. All I have to do is tell people about my topic and have a poster. I need to explain how it is...
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    Can Rasbora Types Crossbreed?

    hey! I have 1 lamb chop rasbora and 5 harlequinns. I thought that the lc was just a bully, but I think he is just really horney. Lol. He was chasing the females, and bullying the males. Is there a way for me to stop the aggression? Also, I noticed him chasing and wrapping his tail around the...
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    Sick Rasboras!

    Hey! I have a medium planted 25 gallon tank with one and six rasbora: 5 Harleyquinn and 1 pork-chop. Two of my hqs are white and kinda lethargic. They look like they are peeling. One has a bitten tail. I have seen the pork chop bullying at one of them. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM and WHAT SHOULD I...
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    Stocking A 25

    Hey! I have a planted 25 gallon tank and I’ve posted about it many times. Currently there is a hair algae problem: Algae Problems It might be my lack of nitrates. I currently have 1 honey gourami, 5 hq rasbora and 1 porkchop rasbora. (Store’s mistake.)Two of the hq seem like they are being...
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    Algae Problems

    I clean my tank three days ago. It had no algae after my 30% water change. Is it 25 gallon tank with six rasbora and one honey gourami. It is cycled and has been running since Jan 21, 2018. One of my hq rasbora’s seems Gravid. I get mostly hair algae and some diatom. There is also some green...
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    Algae Explosion

    This is really important! My 5 gallon betta tank just had a MAJOR algae explosion! I’m going on vacation I’m 3 days for a week and I don’t know what to do! The betta seems sick- lies on the bottom a lot- but no other signs. I don’t know what to do!
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    9 Day Vacation; Fishies Need To Eat!

    Hey all! In a little over a week (9 days?) I am going on vacation. I am leaving Thursday and getting back on a Saturday. NO ONE WILL BE IN MY HOUSE THE WHOLE TIME PART 1: This tank has been cycled for about a month. I started it 1 3/4 months ago. It is a medium planted tank. I have a school and...
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    Random Questions: Quarentine, Stocking

    hey! I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my six rasboras. 5 hq, one Porkchop. A few of them seem kind of sick. That’s a different thread, though. I want to talk about how in a few weeks, I’m going to bring in a batch of eight or nine kuhlI loaches. I’m wondering if I should quarantine...
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    Schooling Fish Has A Disease

    Hey! I’m freakin out here!! My school consisting of five Harlequin rasboras and one pork chop rasbora (I didn’t mean for that to happen) has been in my 25 gallon community tank since~ feb 10, 2018. I think one of the Harlequins is sick. It seems to have a fungus. It still eats. I need to know...
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    Depressed Honey Gourami

    Hey! My medium planted low light, low tech 25 gallon tank now has... 1x honey gourami 1x pork chop rasbora 5x harlequin rasbora By the way, the store thought they Gave me 6 hq rasboras. I got the 6 yesterday. They are happy and doing great. I got the honey 2 weeks ago. He was always by the...
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    Fish Id Rasbora

    hey! I got 6 hq rasboras. Yes, they are full grown. One of them looks much different then the rest. I don’t know if it is a different gender or species. I apologize for the quality. He is small and shorter and more sardine like. His stripe is a bit different.
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    25 Gallon With A Honey Gourami Stock

    what is a hard water gourami tank mate? Temp is 78 f. I wanted a female gourami, but don’t want babies. I do have a strong flow at the surface. I don’t think a bubble nest would last. Would 2-3 males work in the tank? I will be adding kuhlI loaches (8-9) later. My tank just finished cycling...
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    Is This Dropsy?

    Hey all. I think my Betta has the infamous dropsy. He is puffy froM gills up. He’s in a 5 gallon tank with a live plant and a piece of hornwort that has recently grown roots. His only tank mate is a zebra nerite snail. He is changing color a bit: he is getting more black. He still has an...
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    My 25 Gallon Journal: Updates And Questions

    hey all! I fishless cycled my media in an unused 10 gallon tank. I transferred the media to my 25. I set it up. It has been running maybe 5 days. Right now, I have ammonia 0.2 ish, nI 0, and 5 nitrates. Two days ago, I got a honey gourami. The ammonia is probably because I have a few food...
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