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  1. AvalancheDave

    Dechlorinators do NOT need oxygen to work

    This is a new myth I see popping up on the Internet. Dechlorinating agents can react with oxygen but don't have to in order to reduce chlorine to chloride. All the reactions are Google-able and clearly don't involve oxygen yet some people think dechlorinators won't even work in the absence of...
  2. AvalancheDave

    Plop or drop theory makes unfounded assumptions

    A few months ago, @minnowette (now apparently one of The Disappeared) said that one of the issues he(?) had with the plop or drop method was that he doubted CO2 diffused out of water rapidly when the shipping bag opened. This and the assumption that ammonia instantly harms fish are the two...
  3. AvalancheDave

    Crowding factor, e.g., growth inhibiting hormones

    After many fruitless searches, I finally found evidence to confirm/deny this: Sci-Hub | A review of chemical communication in freshwater fish. Journal of Fish Biology, 11(4), 363–376 | 10.1111/j.1095-8649.1977.tb04130.x
  4. AvalancheDave

    Do You Need An Oxygen Pump?

    This is a myth that some aquarist completely made up decades ago and is now considered fact due to the illusory truth effect. DeMoyer 2003: Wilhelms 1992 There are also numerous studies that compared surface and bubble aeration methods for wastewater treatment. Bubble aeration was more...
  5. AvalancheDave

    New-ish Nitrate Toxicity Study

    Abstract Studies on chronic or acute toxicity of nitrogen species on fish in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) usually focused on adverse effects of total ammonia nitrogen (TAN: sum of NH3 + NH4+) and nitrite (), while underestimating the potential effects of high nitrate accumulation on...
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