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  1. ValkyrieLips

    Hey Mods, where did my badges go?

    I used to have the "lore in fishlore", and the "well known" badge. What happened to them?
  2. ValkyrieLips

    Betta ventral fin turning brown..

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 5.5 gallons How long has the tank been running? 1.5 years (he's around 2.5 years old) Does it have a filter? yes Does it have a heater? yes What is the water temperature? 78 (however it recently has be fluctuating, I think my heaters thermostat is on...
  3. ValkyrieLips

    How to Propagate Anubias

    Hello, I've been wanting to propagate my anubias since it's getting huge, and I know you have to cut through the rihzome but I'm afraid of killing my plant. Is there any special technique to it, or do I just go for it and cut it in half? Would cutting it into 3 parts be too much in one go...
  4. ValkyrieLips

    Starting to get concerned about my betta

    Long story short, my betta has been less and less interested in food for the past couple of months (which I assumed he was just getting an adequate amount so he wasn't as ravenous), and then he started hiding/being skittish in-between each bite of food.. feedings take upward of 5-8 minutes for 4...
  5. ValkyrieLips

    Betta is shy and timid

    Ok, perhaps I'm overthinking this but I just wanted to check if this kind of behaviour is typical since it's my first betta. I've had him for 10 months, he's always been kind of timid, yet curious and explores his tank frequently throughout the day. He used to bite my finger during feedings but...
  6. ValkyrieLips

    Do Oscars do Better Alone or in Pairs?

    I have a lot of questions. Does keeping a pair of Oscars vs just one reduce boredom? Does it have to be male and female? I've read Oscars can bond with people and other fish, is this true? In this hypothetical future I would probably looking to keep them in a 120 gallon or above no other tank...
  7. ValkyrieLips

    General Tattoo Question

    I'm about to get my first tattoo, and I was wondering if it is bad etiquette to ask to switch artists? It's worth mentioning that I have not had my consultation yet, it was scheduled for next week. It's my first tattoo, and I was set on one particular artist for his skills/talent and was...
  8. ValkyrieLips

    Male Betta Reacting to Bright Colors?

    I recently had an odd experience with my male betta, he was extremely hesitant to come up to the front which is odd for feeding time, and when I slowly moved my hand to place the digital thermometer back on the glass he became extremely frantic/frightened and hid for a solid 2 minutes and...
  9. ValkyrieLips

    Blackwater Betta Tank

    Just wanted to share Mick's new scape. Same but different since I moved his plants closer to one side, and added an IAL hideout in the other corner against the glass. Thoughts? I want to add driftwood again, but last time I did he somehow scraped one of his scales off.. time for a tank upgrade I...
  10. ValkyrieLips

    Gloves Safe for Aquarium Cleaning?

    I purchased some powder free latex gloves because I have a bunch of cuts on my hand and need to do my weekly maintenance. Are latex gloves safe for use in an aquarium? I plan on rinsing them thoroughly before use.
  11. ValkyrieLips

    Is my aquarium too DARK for a betta?

    I recently modified my lighting and I have concerns that it now may be too dark for him to see properly. He gets spooked easily when he bumps into plants/things when the light is out, and I worry that during the day he will now have difficulty navigating his tank. I've been wanting to dim his...
  12. ValkyrieLips

    Lighting too DARK for a betta?

    I modified my LED and I was wondering if you think my tank is now too dark for my betta? I know they don't like bright lights but is this too dark? I worry he won't be able to see very well. also have lots of tannins so that darkens the water further. I've added before and after shot for...
  13. ValkyrieLips

    ValkyrieLips' Interview

    I had no idea this section existed, what a neat idea. How do these start? I'll put it out there that I'm an open book, so if anyone has any questions about me feel free to ask!
  14. ValkyrieLips

    55 Gallon Tank Interactive fish for a 55 gallon?

    If I were to *hypothetically* buy and cycle a 55 gallon, what are some curious, interactive fish I could stock it with? I don't mind species only, or even one fish as long as the tank is big enough for it to be in it's entire life. I was thinking maybe a freshwater puffer of some kind, or maybe...
  15. ValkyrieLips

    Typical Betta Behaviour?

    How does your betta typically behave? Any "quirks" you notice? I know this is a broad question and will differ from fish to fish, but I'm curious. My betta for example, always seems to flare at his reflection after eating before swimming around the bottom hunting for scraps. He also obsessively...
  16. ValkyrieLips

    Considering buying an assassin snail

    I've never had a snail before so I'm in the process of learning how to care for them. Would a 5 gallon be adequate for 1 assassin snail? I currently have a few bladder snails that I would want the assassin to take care of, but after it eats all the bladder snails, what do I feed it? I've read...
  17. ValkyrieLips

    Salt Tolerance of Anubias, Elodea and Java Fern

    How tolerant are anubias, java fern and elodea to salt? I'm going to start treating my fish with salt to help with a suspected infection, and I wanted to know what the max concentration these plants can handle is? I'm initially going to dose 1 TBSP for the entire 5 gallons and replace...
  18. ValkyrieLips

    What is this? Possible fungal infection?

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 5 gallons How long has the tank been running? Almost 6 months Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 80 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 1 betta and maybe 2...
  19. ValkyrieLips

    HOB filter Maintenance

    How does everyone clean their Hob filters and how often? I mean the actual inside of the filter and the intake tube part NOT the media. My tank has been running almost 6 months and I haven't cleaned the filter at all! I just rinse the media every once and a while in old tank water. I imagine...
  20. ValkyrieLips

    URGENT. Help! Large drop in pH!

    I'm freaking out over a drastic pH drop that I accidentally caused. Today I did a 50% WC, pH matched the new water with tank water (7.4). I added 50g of peat to the filter in my 5 gallon to help lower my pH more because I'm creating a blackwater aquarium. 5 hours later my pH has dropped from 7.4...
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