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  1. FishyChris

    Melting problem

    I set up a new tank plants from another tanks I took down. I have nutrient rich substrate and root tabs as well as liquid fertilizers that I use and I still seem to have far more plant melting than I've ever had. Recently purchased a new light and even tried adjusting my pH levels. I have plants...
  2. FishyChris

    First time Dutch Style Aquarium

    Hey guys! I'm thinking about doing my first Dutch Style or Dutch Hybrid tank. I've done some reading and some YouTube watching so I have a basic idea of how to go about it. It'll be in my 4.4g rimless nano tank. Tips and advise welcome, but my main reason for posting this is to get a better idea...
  3. FishyChris

    Officially joined - finally!

    Finally joined after months of reading and not being able to see pictures or add my thoughts! So here I am finally! I have a 35 gallon housing mostly mystery snails. A 10 gal cube, a 5 gal and a 4.4 nano cube tank. I plan to get a 20 gallon soon! All are fully planted! I'm excited to be apart...
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